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I just received a check in the mail for 4, 850.20. I tried to look this company up on the internet because when I tried to call the number and I got no answer. When I put the name in google I came across this web page. In like many other reports I saw this persons name is Michelle Cokovy.

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  • Tm
      Nov 04, 2008

    I was sent a bogus check and asked to send the taxes due

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  • Tj
      Nov 05, 2008

    I was sent the same or similar check? Looks very suspicious.

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  • Tu
      Nov 20, 2008

    Did you do anything with the check?
    I recieved the same thing and called the contact person. They of course said to deposit the monies into my checking account (I have verified that it's a REAL check) and then once the check clears to contact him back and he would advise me how to pay the taxes so I can get my remaining money.

    I know it HAS to be fake BUT it's a REAL check and I'm just wanting to find someone who actually DID deposit this amount into their accounts to see what happened after that??

    I need ANSWERS!! LOL


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  • Lu
      Nov 20, 2008

    I just received the same check call the guy Mr Dan Coko and he asked me to deposit the money. The check looks real. I dont know what to do. Please tell me if you hear anything .

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  • Na
      Nov 20, 2008

    Yes, me too. I have just receive the same check. What do I do?? Plz let me know!! Thanks!

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  • Ch
      Nov 26, 2008

    whoever get a check like that do not cash it, it looks real but its not! if you cash it your account will be in the neg, and you will be paying that money back to that bank. they are close to catching those people.

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  • Na
      Dec 03, 2008

    i also received the check. i called the enterprise bank and trust co and they told me that it will not clear. then i called back dan coko and told him that i deposited it. he said to call back when it cleared and then called him out on it being a fraud. he just hung up. it would have been nice!

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  • Tr
      Dec 10, 2008

    Rcvd. check for the amt of 4, 850.20. Check is real but, sending agency, Beneficial Financial Agencies is fraudulent. Once you deposit, account holder will find that transaction is a fraud and they didnt issue check. They will report to the bank who will then hold you responsible to paying the monies back. Looks like Benificaial benefits from you paying fake tax to them. Please Report!!!

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