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Beneficial Finance / Account number

1 Monroe, NC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-550-3278

I called to get my account number to be set up on the hardship program the lady disscussed over the phone . the man on the phone said he could not give it to me and no one else could. Well if he can take my social security number then i feel he could have gave me my account number or directed where to get cause i explain to him i didnt have a bill with the number on it . and so he just hung up instead of helping me. kim page

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  • Sh
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    I complained about Benefical Finance calling me, 936-257-8558, at 8 AM every morning & at least 5 more times during the day, even on Sunday !, from the # 909-397-3080 last week. So now they're calling from the # 877-467-3277 ! It shows up on my CID as unknown caller instead of HSBC ! I can't talk on the phone due to an injury to my throat so I just open the line ! The lady on the other end says "Benefical, Is anyone there ?" So, I know who it is ! I have no account with Benefical Finance nor will I ever have ! Is it legal for them to harrass me ? I am a disabled, 60 yr old, white woman. I can not afford to retain an attorney. What should I do ?

  • Je
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    Ask them to put you on the Do Not Solicit list .. it doesn't hurt to ask what they want sometimes ... it is possible you have some sort of account and are not aware of it ... their job is to conconfirm that .. ask what they want .. if you don't have an account ask .. politley ... to be put on the DNS list.

  • Dh
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    I was sued by Beneficial in October 2008. What they did was send me a check for 7, 000.00 on January 2007. I accepted the loan to help pay taxes. I was paying the loan back. Chasing an evasive, predatory loan. Then they closed the local office and I went on line January 2008 to pay my monthly. They partnered with some check by mail crooks that charged me $15.00 for a transaction.

    The amount I was responsible for and that was listed on the check was $8, 000.00. When they sued me they filed in Superior Court to get a judgment against me for over $8, 000 ( penalties and interest added )

    The difference between the seven thousand and eight thousand was unavailable to me. They retained this $1000.00 so they could add interest and misc. fees.

    I called them when I was falling behind but was ignored and told that they couldn't accept a lower payment.

    Now monthly I was to pay them $218.00 a month. Along with this $218 a month, there were finance charges due of $175.00. This $175 was drawn from the $1000.00 they withheld and ONLY had access to. So month they were taking me for $393.00 a month. The $175 wasn't fixed so it varied every month more or a little less.

    So they started calling me at work. I asked they don’t do that. Because they wouldn’t and didn’t want to cooperate anyway. Fool saying, the entire amount was due and payable. We are going to send our attorney after you. Then on October 2, 2008 I received a letter from an attorney in Southern California. This standard latter said I had thirty days to dispute the amount or he was going to file. This crook of an attorney filed on October 15, 2008 a lawsuit in Superior Court. What happened to my thirty days? See by law he has to abide by the federal mandated thirty day law. He didn’t. The server came by my house, asked for me. I was talking to him but he didn’t know it. I tried to avoid the service. He said, it doesn’t matter who you are, I don’t need to serve these papers on anyone. I can drop them on the door mat. So he did.

    I picked them up, first shocked they didn’t wait the thirty days. Then I read the suit. The last page mentioned ADR ( arbitration_alternative dispute resolution ) terms that was attached. They were not. So I found some old papers that they gave me in 2007. I had a copy of the ADR rules. They rules state. Any party could demand arbitration. It also states. No court could hear the case if the ADR was demanded and initiated.

    So that is what I did. I followed the ADR to the letter. Filed with the AAA ( American Arbitration Association) find them on the net for your state. They cost to file is $1000.00
    Beneficial was responsible for $875.00 and I was responsible for $125.00. Sweet
    This is what happened. The attorney ignored my request and demand. I filed in superior court my documents (answer to the civil suit) cost me $180.00 plus ) I filed incorrectly with the Fresno office of AAA. Initially the cost I misunderstood and filed incorrectly, which lead me to believe the suit would be $750.00 total. So I knew beneficial wouldn’t cooperate, so I sent the $750.00. The AAA office called and told me the correct amount due from me was $125.00 and beneficial was to pay the $825.00. The attorney wasn’t cooperating still. He filed interrogatories for me to answer in the civil suit. I called the AAA in Fresno ca and the told me. They had my check for $750.00 that beneficial would be asked for the difference so the could move forward. Of course would be reimbursed once everything was done. They informed the attorney, they gave him until December 29, 2008 to cooperate. They told the since Beneficial had AAA on their documents and I had demanded arbitration. They were required to cooperate or face loosing the ability to claim the AAA on all documents and this would open up Beneficial across the whole United States to straight up full blown court suits. By you all and everyone they do business with. See if you sue them they trigger the AAA clause you must abide by. They sue you they skirt the AAA and take you to court and get a judgment. Once that is done ( thirty days to file an answer_ and I am no attorney but I do know how to file and act like one of the best )
    Long story short. I paid the entire $1000.00. They will lose the AAA on all contracts I am not letting up! So everyone GO get them in small claims, superior court and any court you can file in. I know how to file the papers. I taught myself and on line some documents you can find completed. Plus their filing helped me. The attorney will be fired, Beneficial when they got threatened to loose the AAA clause on all documents piled 15 more attorneys on the case. PILE THEM ON.. .more for lunch.
    The attorney that filed against me is fired, he will loose his account with beneficial, this fool cost them their AAA, and on his web site get this he broke Federal mandated law. I am filing with the Feds and I know who they just don’t come to mind right now. But they will go after them for the predatory practices. They will go after them because it is a federal offense to hold me responsible for $8, 000 and not give me control or access to ever spend it. Makes sense huh? You can’t be liable for money you couldn’t control or have.
    Also I did plenty of research. Beneficial has many offices unlicensed. I filed to report them on that too. One office in Burbank Ca has over fifteen licenses and the other ones closer to us don’t. They only handle us and give out the money. The Burbank office sends out the check to hook you. I also found in 2004 the same government agency sued them for the same thing. I copied the entire case and filed it to follow up on with the AAA. I also found out the federal law on consumer lending states. It is illegal to hold more than one license and every office has to hold one. I am going to get them on that too.
    I am going to file to the attorney license board and take the attorneys license for his disregard for federal law.. Enough I have so much on these clowns.. I just can’t recall. Oh yea.. Let me share this. I socked the attorney with my answer the week before Christmas.. Merry Christmas fool. . I took the AAA clause because he ignored the AAA, so I filed on the last day of filing and went under the wire on the last day! I put the AAA clause in jeopardy on December 29, 2008. Happy New FOOL… HA HA HA HA.. NEXT

  • Dh
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    From D. Howard
    Because beneficial made me responsible for the $8, 000. My ENTIRE LOAN is CANCELED.. Isn't that sweet! Oh yea.. my wifes $8, 000.00 is canceled too.

  • Va
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    borrowered 7000.00 for 11 days, charged me 76.77

  • Su
      29th of Dec, 2010
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    ok the AAA clause on all loans with Benificial is null and void is that correct. I am so tired of them threatening, over charging, harrassing 3 to 5 times a day, lying and refusing to work with customers I need to do something. I have a loan we have been paying on for 5 years and I now owe them more than we started with

  • Ma
      16th of Apr, 2011
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    after paying 20 yrs on a 15 yr loan i have paid over 120, 000 on an original 29, 000 loan i now owe 18, 900 which means in 20 yrs ive only had 11, 000 go towards the principal well never live long enough to pay this off can u believe this and i always paid 500.99 instead of the 448.00 payment is this really legal

  • Wi
      7th of Dec, 2011
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    I have had a loan with Beneficial for over 10 years. The original about was over $20K. Every month I get a statement telling me my balance. About 4 years into the loan my balance was off by about 1700 in interest. After several attempt to contact them about this by phone with no results, I had my attorney send them a letter. According to my contract, they needed to respond to within so many days. They never did respond and refuse to talk to me about it over the phone. The cost to hire my attorney to fight his could end up being more then the error amount so I just ate it. My loan should have been paid off in full in Aug 2011 but due to the extra interest charge and the interest on that, it is now Dec 2012 and I still have over $1000 left on my account to pay. I am current with my payments and the statement I get each month says that nothing is past due, yet they will not stop calling me for a payment. The calls start at 8 am and do on all day. They keep asking for my payment this is not due for 2 more weeks. They say they are just trying to help me out. LOL I have asked them to stop calling me. They say they are making notes not to call me again in their system by the calls just keep coming. HSBC owns my Beneficial loan but did not when the error occured. Still...Say away from HSBC.

  • Wi
      7th of Dec, 2011
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    They did the same to me. About 4 years into a 20k loan they added in additional interested charges they should not have been there. I called them as soon as I seen the extra charge on my statement with with no results so I had my attorney get involved who wrote them a letter. They refused to even respond to him. I could not afford to hire my attorney to fight this so I ate it. I always pay extra each month on my loan as well. It was due to be paid off in Aug of 2012 but I am still paying on it. I don't know who can help us. Someone needs to take them down. What they are doing surely can not be legal. I thought things would change when HSBC took over, but no. Sorry for your situation maandpaproter. Yours sounds worse then mine.

  • Be
      17th of Feb, 2012
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    I too have been a victim of Beneficial. I had a mortgage with them for about 10 yrs. The interest rate was outrageous but I was never late . They kept re-adjusting my terms (without my knowledge) and tacking on fee's that were from nowhere. Anyway, I finally knew I would never truly own my home since this mortgage would be with me forever so I decided on a short sale since I would never be able to to sell it in a normal market and payoff what Beneficial said I now owed, pretty much double the original loan amount. So with a highly competent realtor we received an offer. Beneficial balked at this and refused the offer even though it perfectly suited the market and home value and as myself and my realtor figured it was about the "true" amount I owed on the mortgage.To make a longer story short they finally accepted and I got out from under them! But now I am trying to purchase another home and now Beneficial has NO records of my payment history for my credit. So now it looks like they are still haunting me! Has anyone else out there had this problem with Beneficial?


  • Is
      27th of May, 2014
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    I"m in the same boat, it's so ridiculous how the way the figure their loans and the principle never comes down. I have disputed my amount and finally stopped paying while in the dispute and now they are turned over to a lawyer and reported me late to the credit bureau. Their own contract states they can not report delinquent while the account is being investigated. I'm reporting them to our State Attorney General . If you had your account with them in 05/2009 see if you can get a report of your credit because they posted two bogus accounts on our credit and we found out because when we went to purchase our home we were denied because of showing an additional $10, 000 of debt that was not even ours.

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