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Bender ball / Fraud

1 United States Review updated:

I ordered the bender ball two months ago and received it. A month later I was charged for another bender ball product I was unaware they were going to be sending me and at that time was charged a $30 overdraft fee from my bank because they just took the money out of my account. I emailed the company and they assured me they were not going to be sending me anything more and I would be reimbursed as soon as I mailed the product back to them, so I mailed it out on 7/3/08. Today I looked at my bank account and again the same thing. I was charged $19.99 and was charged two more overdraft fees which I wouldn't have been charged if this company hadn't done this to me. I called customer service and again assured me they wouldn't charge me any more and I shouldn't have been charged again. When I asked to speak to the representative's supervisor he told me he was unavailable. I am extremely upset over this situation and have never dealt with such an unprofessional company. Is there anything else I can do about this??

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  • Am
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    The EXACT same thing happened to me. I ordered a bender ball online and there's a section where you check a box that indicates if you want to order the kit, which continuously sends you a DVD every month for a charge. I specifically remember NOT checking that box! Last month, they took $26.98 out of my account. I called customer service and demanded my money back since I didn't sign up for this service, and was told to send back the DVD and my money would be refunded. The man I talked to then said that since I ordered online, it's an automatic charge regardless if I checked the box or not. They "assured" me that no more charges would be deducted from my account. Low and behold, this month they took $19.99. I called again and they gave me some crap that the service is $46 and they split it into 2 payments and this was the last payment. Again, I told them I did NOT order this service in the first place and I sent back the DVD they first sent, and still had no refund. The woman told me that no more money would be deducted after this month, but that's the same story I was given before. I went to my bank to see if I could stop any future charges and they gave me a credit back for the money, provided I show them receipts that I mailed back the DVD. They said they would prohibit any more charges from bender ball. This company is a SCAM and the internet is full of complaints just like this. I plan to file a complaint with the BBB and post everywhere I possibly can that this is a rip-off. I encourage everyone with this problem to do the same!

  • Ja
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    Bender ball - Lame, essentialboostis worse
    Bender Ball
    United States

    I too ordered the bender ball on the phone took forever because of all of the other products they wanted me to buy. I said no to all except essential boost because I was told it was free, and could cancel immediately of not satisfied. I recieved the essential boost and was charged for it before I could cancel it. I too think this whole thing was planned. The bender ball is now just one of my sons' bouncy balls, and getting a refund on the essential boost has been a joke! They have told me it has been credited back to me, but I have yet to see the refund.

  • Kl
      28th of Jan, 2010
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    Bender ball - Deceptive practices
    Bender Ball
    United States

    Deceptive practices in selling/customer services within the company &/or Essential Boost. Also, a cheap product- should've known. Got what I paid for

    This happened ~1 year ago. Bender Ball /Essential Boost seem to play on New Year resolutions. The return of TV ads leads me to share now. B.Ball is a cheaply made, moderately effective exercise aid, tho not as cheap as a play ball which works the same. Got what I paid for-not main complaint. Be warned about the inexpensive 'add ons' at the website checkout. To get an add't. inexpensive video I had to agree to trial offer of a diet aid called Essential Boost. Didn't want, but it seemed no problem to cancel well within the limits of the trial period. Bender site main page says ship't usually happens within 48 hrs; now I notice shopping cart page says '2 wks' std. delivery.

    2 weeks with no product in sight, I called was informed that they had 'probably' been out of stock. I told him then to cancel the Ess.Boost. & was told it was done. Wks later, w/in days of arrival of B.Ball package, I received the '2nd' shipment of Ess.Boost. No response to my online complaint to cust. 'service'. Phoned again & was told I'd agreed online to receive this, I'd have to pay. No one knew anything about my canceling. Told supervisor clearly that I thought his co. engaged in deceptive practices & I would tell everyone I knew. He repeated I had entered online into legal contract, offered excuses for the shipm't. timing, & claimed Ess.Boost and BBall were not the same company. Finally agreed to refund the cost of the product, but not their large shipping fee nor my expense to return- insured at their insistence.

    Ads were no longer on TV. I hoped they'd been revealed as the scam I suspected so never made formal complaint. I strongly suspect that the delayed shipment of the actual B.Ball combined with the quick shipment of the Ess. Boost is planned.

    I figure my situation has been resolved as much as I can expect it to be. I want them to stop the apparent practice of delaying shipment and 'losing' cancellations to try and force the sale of unwanted products.

    It did not escape my notice that the price of Essential Boost falls $10 short of the limit where you can have your credit card deal with dispute resolution. This does not ease my suspicion that Bender Ball practices are less than up-front and ethical.

  • Km
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    I ordered the Bender Ball in January, I got a call from their 800 number advertising some other products, I refused during the call. I recieved my Bender Ball a week later. One month later, I noted my checking account was charged $26.98 from Bender Ball. I called the company and found that I was automatically signed up with my order in the Continuity Program, and was to expect a packet of DVDs. In addition I should anticipate an additional $20.00 to be debitted from my account, since I didn't cancel in the initial 30 days. After several choice words, the sales gal, Mary Ganiron, told me she would credit my account for the $26.98 and she would cancel the Continuity membership. Sadly, this is why I will not order products from TV or internet in the future.

  • De
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    OMG... it happened to me the same thing. This company is a SCAM. They charge me $26.89 for a DVD which i did NOT know of. I called the customer service, she said when i placed the order, i'm automatically become a member, and that's why they will charge me every month for $26.98 . they said they will refund back the money when i return the package, but they will refund only for the DVD price not the S&H..then i have pay for the S&H? Why would i pay for the S&H for something i did not order?

    Anway, I called my bank to stop all payment to this company. Let wait and see what will happen.

  • Cw
      28th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I just spoke to someone on the phone to cancel this for the SECOND time! Now that I went back to the website I understand how I got scammed into the reoccurring fee. When I selected the package I wanted and added it to the shopping cart it stated $39 and said nothing about reoccurring fees whatsoever. Then in the fine print at the top when you checkout you swindle the customer into the "program". Here is the 8 point font text from your website:

    Total Core Training Kit (DVD)
    Kit Includes: Bender Ball, Bender Method Manual, and five Bender Method workouts. Starting in 30 days, and then every other month, you’ll receive two new workouts at a special reserved price of $19.99 per month plus $6.99 shipping and handling, charged to the same credit card you are using today. You can cancel at any time by calling customer service, and Leslee’s DVDs come with our 30-day money back guarantee.

    The problem is that is NOT what was added to the customer shopping cart and you have in fact changed the terms and conditions after the product selection was made. That's all around bad business and whatever brainiac thought it up should be fired.

    I am filing a complaint with the BBB as well as the ICC because you are effectively defrauding your customer. Then I will post "bender Ball FRAUD" on as many e-opinion and internet forums as I can find so you can't leach off anyone who searches for Bender Ball first. I hate internet scammers and I will make it my personal mission to prevent you from scamming anymore unsuspecting people.

  • Da
      22nd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have just had my FOURTH contact with that company and have received only a partial refund. I too did not see the small type after the shopping cart that was added and had no idea there was anything like a recurring deduction. I've spoken (via chat) with Alfie, Amanda (twice) and today was Alex. This is fraudulent and deceptive. I have the form ready to go to my State's Attorney, and if I do not recieve the balance of my refund within one week, I will be filing my paperwork. I have also copied the text of each of my four chats and this transcript will be sent with my complaint paperwork to the State's Attorney.

    I haven't even opened the product yet because if I need to send it back (even though they've assured me I do not have to do that), I want it to be ready. This is a toal scam.

  • Lo
      16th of Aug, 2016
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    Bender ball - extra charges
    United States

    OMG! i called to order a bender ball, that's ALL i wanted.I was on the phone for about 30 min listening to a recording that was trying to sell me 20 other things.Not to mention all the free junk..And during the course of my attempting to order just the ball and kit for only 9.95 i remembered, OH GREAT!!! there going to get me for additional shipments that i am declining at time of my order ANYWAY...SO...i have to remember to check my bank account AND return all the crap i didn't order because i know their going to send it anyway...I'm such a sucker. My sister always says to me after I order this crap"how much is shipping and handling"AND "do they sell that at Target?" will I ever learn?" Companies like this hope people like me don't remember what a pail in the*#@ they are.

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