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Bendaroos / Don't work

United States Review updated:
I didn't get them, but I read the reviews on Amazon and all of them are one star. So for those of you who are pay 50 dollars for these instead of their alleged "19.99" and still didn't receive them, you sadly have nothing to look forward to. They say you can't even make a curly Q, let alone all this stuff they show on the commercial. These certainly will not make you bendaroo backwards.


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  2nd of Dec, 2008
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I ordered one set of Bendaroos online and the website added more sets... I only wanted to spend the 19.99 and shipping but they added another and another..I will not pay for all orders.

  15th of Dec, 2008
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The shipping and handling for 3 small items, in one small box is crazy! Bendaroos should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.
  17th of Dec, 2008
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I ordered Bendaroos about three months ago. My credit card was charged but I have never received the bendaroos.
  18th of Dec, 2008
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I ordered online, have not recieved confirmation no one returns my phone calls, after staying on hold for a long period of time, then getting a voicemail. I need the order by this weedkend, and still have no clue if they are even sending it to me. Horrible service.
  29th of Dec, 2008
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This website is deceptive. Before I knew it I had placed to 'big' orders and did not have a chance to review the billing statement or confirm that I wanted to purchase this item. Your credit card info is input first and once you click on an item you have purchased it. There is no going back.
  7th of Jan, 2009
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wish I would have read complaint board before ordering off t.v.
Didn't get order, and can't get thru on phone, or E-Mail.
Guess I learned a lesson! DON"T order off T.V. !
  7th of Feb, 2009
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My son likes this product when it is showing in tv.but I have to know about it. When I seached in internet, I saw so many complaints about it. So the tv channel who telecat this channel why do they admit this kind of fraud advertisements? How many people lost their money and how many kids dissoppointed from this?
  10th of Feb, 2009
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I purchased Bendaroos at Walgreens and we were VERY disappointed. They DO NOT hold their shape AT ALL like it shows on the commercial. They were NOT brightly colored but quite dull looking. My children were very disappointed. I returned the stupid things and got my money back. I REFUSE to keep something that does not perform like advertised. It just make me very angry how many people have been taken by this product.
It also makes me angry that my innocent children believe what they see on T.V; they trust that they are being told the truth when they see something like this advertised. I have had to talk to them about false advertising and people who are out just to take your money.
  3rd of Mar, 2009
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i purchased the bendaroos at walgreens for my daughter and we are very pleased with them we have made everything on the sheet including the gorilla. maybe you need more patience whatever the case is i dont know but my five year old daughter loves them and the things that are made with them.
  29th of Dec, 2009
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I ordered the bendaroos for my daughter for christmas December 4th, 2009. Here it is December 29th, and I still have yet to recieve them and they charged my credit card again on December 23rd. Do not order from them they are horrible.
  27th of Nov, 2011
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Wish I would have read complaint board before ordering off t.v.
Didn't get order, and can't get thru on phone, or E-Mail.
Guess I learned a lesson! DON"T order off T.V. !
  26th of Jul, 2012
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they are sticky and leave gunk on my hands its just candle wax rip off my dad made me some exactly the same
  7th of Jun, 2016
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deceptive billng, when you place an order it some how adds to it without youbeing able to change the order(dosent let you review order), i wanted 2 packages, it gave me 4, and the charged 39.95 for shipping, , i sent them an email to try to cancel order, they never responded and did not cancel order. i wish i had looked into this company before i placed the order, this company has way too many complaints against it, , , live anad learn, , STAY AWYAY! listen to what people are writing!
  22nd of Jun, 2016
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I ordered bendaroos over the phone with the promotion of by 2 for $19.99 and $8.99 shipping (Recording never mentioned the actual charge amount that would appear on my credit card). I waited 3 weeks and finally received a package with 2 boxes of bendaroos with no invoice or charge amount in packaging. I week later I received my credit card statement and was billed $57 from them! I called customer service and was told that I purchased 2 (sets), I said no I purchased 1 set and that your phone ordering system needs to clarify better there promotion. He offered to refund the $19.99 for second set. I asked about the shipping as well because there is no way it cost $19 to ship two little boxes of Bendaroos.. He said his computer would not allow that.. They could ship out the ssecond set though if I wanted.. That is when I asked where the 2nd set that I supposedly ordered is anyway (Why didn't I receive that set at the same time?)? He had the nerve to say it probably got lost in the mail lol!! I said this is all starting to sound really shady to me.. I asked to speak to a manager to get the second shipping charge refunded as well and he told me there was no one I could speak to. I told him then to refund my orginal $19.99 order as well and that they should eat the extra $9 charge not me. He put me on hold and came back telling me that they would refund me the $9 shipping charge! We will see if I actually receive it! Wow did he just write the code that would allow him to refund me the shipping charge while he was on hold? It all sounds like a scam to me!! This company needs to be shut down!! They are overbilling customers, not sending out the extra set and hoping no one notices!!

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