Benchmark Communities / faulty construction

1 2630 Elm Hill Pike #1110, Nashville,TN 37214, Nashville, AR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 6152542112

Buyer Beware: After paying several thousands of dollars for upgrades, one being a $4000 shower upgrade, only to find out the construction and product was installed defectively. We had licensed professionals out from a company outside of the builders to assess the situation. They easily detected the faulty work that the builder should be accountable for. The tile craftsmanship was built backwards that allows the water from the shower to run out of the shower doors instead of down the drain into the shower. The builders put in a framed shower originally instead of a frameless shower which was requested. They left structural damage to the supportive wall causing the shower door to now fall inward. The tempered glass now rubs against one another which we were told can lead to the glass popping and someone getting injured. This could lead to a critical situation. The licensed professionals assured us in 1-2 years time the water leaking out of the shower will cause structural damage leading to floor damage, and mold under the house. Benchmark Communities does not want to take responsibility and correct their inferior product with poor structure and construction because it was not caught within the first year. They fail to be held accountable for their 10 year structural damage warranty.

May 19, 2017

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