Benair Airconditioning Co. LLC / Services not provided as per contract

1 United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir/Ma’am

I have entered into a contract with Benair LLC to service the Airconditioning Units (A/C unit) in my villa, as they were the contracted party to install A/C units in the development where I reside.

In October last year, the 1-year maintenance period from the contractor expired. Between 1st March and 31st October last year, I had 5 separate complaints about the A/C unit in the main bedroom of the villa. A reasonable person would think and expect that with that number of complaints in an 8-month period, the responsible party would look into what is causing the problem and fix it, however this was not done.

In November, after the expiration of the contractor’s maintenance period, the sensor coil to the A/C unit in the main bedroom became faulty and had to be replaced. I then entered into a private contract with Benair, where they would provide a service of maintaining the A/C units in a manner that would prevent any further items to malfunction before the expectant operating life span. Last week, the fan unit to the main bedroom A/C burnt out and now needs replacing. I sent a request for Benair to attend to this problem on Saturday and to service the A/C units. As per the contract entered into, I have paid to date the full amount as stipulated, however, the full service as provided by Benair has not been attended to on their side. They have not lubricated components, they have not done checks for faults, they have not tested the cooling gauges or the gas pressure, they have not issued me with reports on the status of the A/C units and what may need to be repaired or replaced.

The fan unit to the main bedroom may not have burnt out if they had carried out the services as stipulated in the contract when they replaced the coil sensor in December. Please advise what steps can be taken as I feel that I am going to be unjustly charged for a new fan unit.



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