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1 141 Rue du Golf, Kantaoui, Sousse, Tunis, Tunisia
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on Monday 09/02/2015, I have taken my 7 months old car BMW 420i, WBA3N11080F969087, for a front spoiler change, and after 2-3 days of calling to see if car is ready and without any reply, i have driver to Tunis on Thursday 12/02/2015, as i live in Sousse 160 Km away from Tunis, to find out the car is ready but with a very terrible paint job, so i had to drive back without my car, and come back the next day on Friday 13/02/2015, late afternoon. I took my car and drove back to Sousse -Highway 160 Km- and when arrived, i smelt a bad smell and smoke coming out of the car engine. I opened the hood, and to my surprise, the Engine Oil Cap is missing and the engine oil is fully splashed all over the engine, the body and wheel of my car. the people at the dealer have forgotten to put cap back on after checking the engine oil. I am totally disappointed and angry of the services and behavior of the people at your dealership in Tunisia, and i have taken this case to a lawyer and will start the proceeding on Monday 16/02/2015. I have called Mr Chihab ben meftah, who is supposed to be a responsible person there and demanded explanation, and all he did was to say very sorry and bring it back on Monday to repair it for you and you can take it back same day. This is non sense, how can he be so sure that it is fine and that i can take my car back same day!!.
In conclusion, i am towing the car back to the dealer on Monday 16/02/2015 with a full report from the lawyer of all the existing conditions with pictures, I will be without a car for another 3-4 days again and i really hope to hear from you as soon as possible in order to reach a suitable solution as i have now absolutely no faith or trust in your BMW dealer in Tunisia after these two incidents.
I await your prompt reply and I hope that your actions will be swift as all my love and adoration for the BMW cars in which i have had since my college days are about to run out.
Manaf Ben Achour
Horizon Group
Car under Horizon Energie Name at the dealer

Ben Jemaa Motors BMW Dealer Tunisia
Ben Jemaa Motors BMW Dealer Tunisia
Ben Jemaa Motors BMW Dealer Tunisia

Feb 14, 2015

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