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I purchased the 2007 Kia Spectra EX from OLE BEN FRANKLIN MOTORS on 06/04/2010 at around 11am. I had the vehicle for 2 months from 06/04/2010 to 08/07/2010 (took vehicle back) around 11:30am. The sales person was Mr. Pete Kenney; finance manager was Mr. Zac Hartwell. When I found the car I wanted to buy I was taken to Mr. Hartwell’s office, for financing. I gave him my pay stubs for both places I worked (River Terrace and Ogle’s Brick Oven) and we asked me about a down payment. I told him that I didn’t have the money for a down payment, and he said that they would have to have a least $500 down. I started to cry and become upset, because I didn’t have money for a down payment. Mr. Hartwell told me not to cry and asked if I were married told him yes and he asked me if I loved my husband. I told him, “Yes I do.” Mr. Hartwell asked if my husband had any guns that he would be interested in trading in to be used as a down payment. He said the owners love guns. I told him that yes he has guns, but he would not trade them in for anything he cherishes his guns. He also asked if my husband is going to be a co-signer. I told him no, that it will be just me on the loan. He said well to make your application look better; we will use his income to, even though he is not going to be a co-signer. I told him I didn’t want to do that. So he asked me if I could do $250.00 one week and then $250.00 two weeks later. Since, I get paid bi-weekly. I told him yes. Mr. Hartwell said that I could mail in checks. After the down payment was discussed, we discussed the monthly payment. He said that it would be $284.00 a month and that the bank Citizen’s Savings and Loan would mail me a payment book. He asked me what Insurance company I am using so he could give that information to the bank. I told him that I do not have insurance at the moment because I don’t have a car. He said that I would have to have insurance before I left the lot. I called Direct Insurance Company from his office and spoke with Heather and she stated that it would be $114.10 today (06/04/2010) and on 06/11/2010 I would have to pay $132.74. The 132.74 a month is for a 12 month policy. So I had all the papers faxed to Mr. Hartwell’s office so I could sign and he faxed them back for me. After all the insurance was done I signed the Used Vehicle Retail Buyer’s order, Retail installment contract & security agreement, and the Buyer’s guide. He gave me my copies of my paperwork and gave me the keys and that was it.

I went about a month and a half without hearing anything from the bank. So I called Citizen’s Savings and Loan on 07/19/2010 @ 3:38pm and spoke with Britt. She said she had no record of me. I then called Ole Ben Franklin and spoke with Zac Hartwell. He stated that he would find out what was going on and call me back. On 07/26/2010 11:36am, I called and had to leave a message for Zac, because he never returned my phone call. 07/28/2010 @ 3:32pm I called Citizens savings and Loan back and spoke with Britt and she still had no record of me not even on the turn downs. I called Ole Ben Franklin at 3:35pm and spoke with the manager Kevin and told him my situation, he took my name, number, and car info, and said he would call me back. Later that evening on 07/28/2010 at 6:37pm, Kevin called me back and said that Zac left and went to sales. He never turned my information over to the bank. Kevin said he would work on it and call me back. I told him I was worried about my car getting reposed; He told me not to worry about a payment right now that he will work everything out and call me back. Kevin called me a few days later and asked if I could fax over my income. I faxed all the income information to Kevin. It was the same as it was in June nothing had changed. Then I received a call a couple of days later stating that Ole Ben Franklin could not get me financed and I had until Saturday, which was 3 days from the phone call to have the car back to the lot… I was so upset and crying. I couldn’t even drive. Kevin agreed that they would give my down payment of $500.00 back. I returned the car on 08/07/2010; I pulled into the lot and went inside. I asked to speak with Kevin; I told him my name and said I was here to return the car. Kevin asked if I had the keys and I asked him if he had my check. I gave him the keys and he gave me the check. I asked Kevin if he wanted to come out and inspect the vehicle to make sure there was no damage, He said no, that is not necessary. That what is it and I left the lot.

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      Feb 23, 2011

    They let a crackhead buy a car from their lot, without giving him the title, and he sold it to me without the title. He told me that ole ben franklin had the title and would send it to me. Its been almost a month and they have lied up and down about the title. Turns out, i ran the VIN and a woman in maryville owns the car, has a lein on it, and ole ben franklin can come get it from me at anytime. Ole ben franklin IS responsible, because they sold the car to someone WITHOUT A TITLE who then sold it to me. So i have contacted the better business bureau and Don Dare from WATE news to ask them where my title is.

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