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Due to horrible customer service, we switched from Bellsouth telephone to Vonage. Bellsouth refused to release the phone number for two months (I had to call three times to get it released to Vonage). They finally released the number to Vonage but continued to bill me for the two months that I should have been switched off by them (I was already using Vonage with a virtual number rather than my normal phone number I'd had for 20 yrs). I finally paid the invoice (final billing) for $115.39 even though I disagreed that I should pay it. About two months later I rec'vd a check from AT&T for "overpayment of final billing". I thought 'great, they finally did the right thing and decided I didn't owe it'. WRONG! They then turned the account over to a collection agency, Focus Receivables. At first I ignored the calls because I knew it was incorrect. Finally I started calling the collection agency back. Again, it took several times to get through to anyone. They argued with me about the billing and told me I owed it. I again sent a check to AT&T for another $115.39. I AGAIN receive a check back for 'overpayment of final billing". So now, I call AT&T and ask them WHY I KEEP GETTING PHONE CALLS FROM FOCUS RECEIVABLES BUT GET A REFUND CHECK BACK TWICE. AT&T then proceeds to tell me that the three digit number after my phone number was the incorrect no. and was credited to an account that was not active so they sent me the check back. They didn't bother checking the phone number which, AGAIN, had been my phone number for the last 20 yrs. They didn't bother checking the name on the account. They simply sent the check back. What would YOU think? You are paid up and it's all a misunderstanding, right? No. Not with AT&T. Now after I find out why they keep doing what they do, and they tell me it's my fault because the three digits AFTER MY PHONE NUMBER OF THE LAST 20 YRS was incorrect that I was turned over to the collection agency. I told them that I disputed the collection handover and they will do nothing to clear this up. I complained profusedly but they will not rectify the problem on their end. Of course, Focus Receivables only sees this as a collection and will not clear it up with my credit.
I have a complaint on AT&T's customer service, their lack of due diligence in looking at the phone number and crediting my phone number account, and for not taking this out of collections even though I tried paying my bill in the first place (TWICE). I also have a complaint because they refused to turn the phone number over to Vonage for two months and charged me for it because of THEIR REFUSAL to turn over the number. This is a problem with AT&T anyway because they are losing customers to Vonage. Gee, do you think it might have something to do with their lousy customer service?


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  • Ib
      21st of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Bellsouth/ATT is defenitely going out of business as it exsists. I would love to be a dsl customer but I am not elegible. DSL is available all arround me but just not for me. Go Figure. No one will say why just not available. Ov course They want to start providing "CABLE TV SERVICE" to the most affluant and populated areas skipping all other areas. I say tell them NO. This bunch of BOZOS is not worthy of keeping the name ATT. ATT, once the pinecal of technology, in now a joke. Internet startups have better technology and service than this once mighty shadow of its former self. I don't blame the individuals but rather the corprate attitude of to hell with the customers. Well as ATT o longer is a monoply competition is certainly eating into their base. I expect in 10 tears or less Att will be a obsolete term.

  • Wo
      4th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Bellsouth/ATT is a bunch of liears we have been waiting for DSL for over (5) years Outside of Horseshoe Beach Florida and they keep saying it is coming but nothing is showing it... I don't recommend anyone to use Bellsouth/Att...

  • Dl
      12th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    they have lost us as customers. just spent over an hour on phone and still could not get anything straight. could not even talk to a supervisor. tell you that you have to write a letter.

    that did it for me. I am not going to write a letter. just going to switch to another service provider.


    lost the type of loyal consumer that makes profit margins.

  • Ga
      4th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Consumers beware...if you are having problems with your line and you call in to have it checked and you don't have their "service plan, " then pay attention. Bellsouth/at&t will automatically charge you ~$90 if "they determine" that your problem is inside your home, without prior notification or further investigation. They use to come out and determine if the problem was theirs or yours and give you the option to have them fix any internal wiring for a fee/rate, but now they must be desperate for money.

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