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We drove to Bountiful, Utah to attend

our son's wedding - as well as many other relatives. My father who is 78 and step-mother flew up from San Deigo

at a great sacrifice for them, as my

step-sister was dying from breast cancer

during this time. Her funeral was just

this last Wednesday. My sister was at

the wedding, as well as many of my son's

good friends and cousins, etc.

Imagine our shock and surprise when after the ceremony and one group picture, that our family was told by the

photographer that she would not be including our side of the family in the

photos, as she was contracted by the

brides family and was only planning to

do photos at the moment of the bride's

family and of the couple. We paid for

a very expensive luncheon and most of us

had a great deal of travel expenses and

we were not allowed in any of the photos, except an initial group shot.

We were in such shock, we didn't know what to say, so many of the family started taking their own photos so we would have something. We were then told

by the photographer to but out, as she

was under contract by the bride's family. Many of the groom's friends were

disgusted and left. And had it not been

for my own son getting married, we would

have too. I finally just burst into tears, as the day was so stressful and

very disappointing to be treated so rudely and listen to endless hours of tacky comments. Ex- How brown eye people are not as wonderful and as beautiful as blue eye people, etc. My

entire family has brown eyes, except my

Dad. My son in Law is Mexican/Indian and

those jokes got old as well.

By the time of the reception, my side of

the family were disgusted and no longer

speaking to the other family. Our son has no idea of how rudely we were treated, as the photographer hogged them

up for hours on end, we never saw them

the rest of the day! Finally, to appease

us, the photographer took some shots of

our family but we were still pretty

disgusted about the whole issue. It was

just for show though, as when the preview came out for the slideshow of the wedding photos, our pictures are no

where to be seen.

My stepsister had just passed away and

I was already an emotional wreck, so I

was totally disgusted as to how this

photography company and the bride's family handled this. It was just another

blow or slap in the face. I feel that the whole day was ruined by not including our family in the whole affair. I was so upset that I totally

railed a complaint to the photograpy

company as to how unprofessional she was

and what a disgrace she is to the whole

profession, as well as to the state of Utah. I was not happy at all and felt

that someone would have to be pure evil

to not include both families in this joyous event. To date, I have not heard

from the photograper or anyone else to

answer my complaint as to how we were

treated. Rumor has it that supposedly,

she was planning on doing some pics for

us, but had no intention on including with the main wedding slideshow; but now

because of my complaint and angriness

at the whole thing, the pics were destroyed and we are not getting any pics at all. Just another ugly evil act

as far as I am concerned. It wasn't bad

enough to snub us on our son's wedding

day, but now we are not even allowed any

pics at all. It is just pure evilness

on the part of the photographer and the bride's family, who can't stand my son

anyways. I do not know these people and

they have know valid reason to behave in

such a disgusting manner, except they are disgusting people.


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      Aug 31, 2009

    This is all false, you forgot to mention that you were in a mental hospital a few months before.

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      Aug 31, 2009

    This is the groom. My mom is not well again. The Wedding was perfect, the photographers were professional and courteous to me and my family. They discussed with us before the wedding the plan for the pictures. We agreed with them the format for the day, that we had scheduled formal pictures latter in the day before the reception. We did not have any problems at all.

    Nobody is pure evil. We received all of our photos as was promised on our contract. My mother did not have a contract with the photography and did not pay for any of their service. She is just upset since she did not have any control over the wedding. The photographers were not rude to us or did not make any racist jokes.

    There is no rumor, we receded all of the pictures of both families, there was not any photos destroyed.

    I hope that we have not caused too much problems for the photographers with our crazy family.

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      Aug 31, 2009

    Our Neighbor Leslie Berger is crazy. She makes stuff up all the time and needs to go back on stronger medication.

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      Aug 31, 2009

    Bellissimo Photography was very professional to us. We had a great experience with them and the photos were fantastic. I don't know what the deal is with this woman, but everything that she said is not true. We were there and she just was not happy that her son was getting married. I don't know why she is taking her frustrations out on this business. There were great. The photos were great.

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      Sep 01, 2009

    I think it's a very sad thing that Leslie Berger is such an unhappy person and has so many ugly feelings about those that only tried to appease her and make her happy - only to find out that making her happy is impossible.

    Bellissimo Photography is a very professional and friendly business that takes beautiful photos. The complaint that is filed against Bellissimo photography is a result of an unstable mind trying to create as much pain, commotion and attention for her self as possible. Sadly the best way for Leslie to get ATTENTION was not to attack the bride or her family ( the ones in which her real issues lie ) but to instead go after a great photographer ( that has handled these absurd accusations very professionaly to her credit.)

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      Sep 01, 2009


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      Sep 10, 2009

    Bellissimo has done a fantastic job for me and some of my colleagues as well. I can't imagine the photographer acting the way described. She went way beyond what I was expecting and I am thrilled. Please don't be too hard on Mrs. Berger. I'm sure her feelings are quite real to her. Knowing the photographer from several civic organizations in addition to the photo sessions, I know she wouldn't carry a grudge. So if I may humbly suggest - neither should anyone else hold a grudge?

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      Sep 10, 2009

    Is it just me or is one individual trying to post as 4 different people all in one. Now who needs to take their meds? Not only does this make you look guilty as charged, but it impedes the very "obviously fake" effort you're exerting in trying to prove the "integrity" of your business. I have had your services, another state, of all things. By the looks of it, your unprofessional behavior is either company policy, or you just hire individuals who are way too wound up tight to perform this very personal and important job. People plan on doing this once in their lifetime. Some have dreamt of this day for years. Then you happen, and it's a sour taste for the rest of their lives. You on the other hand could careless, you got paid, you contract said blah blah blah...on to your next victim. Actually, if i had the time i would sue for misrepresentation; the final product has no comparison whatsoever to what is on your parent website. No where near. Learn how to punctuate, grammar and everything of decorum. Impersonating other people is fraud! Learn that too. Think heard before you post hear again.

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      Sep 11, 2009

    Quote "Think heard before you post hear again". I will think heard before I post!!!

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      Sep 14, 2009

    That is what you got from this?...I'll give you one, you can read. You should have used the same intellectual acumen to decipher fact from fiction. Your quote leaves you in a pickle of guilty as charged. From all that you picked a typo as your defense? You really are a troubled human being. I wish the author of this complaint takes you to court for falsifying statements masquerading as different members of her family in a malicious attempt of trying to stave off facts that your professional conduct was unbecoming of standards set by real photographers in your said field. “This is the groom. My mom is not well again"…..while skipping heartily ha ha ha all the way to the bank to cash their check. Do you have a soul (empathy and compassion are derivatives of it)? This leaves only one fact about this whole ugly episode, it’s all true and you on the other hand need some serious soul searching. You can’t rob people’s memory of the most cherished moments of their lives and think you can trivialize it akin the Klumps (FYI you are no Eddie Murphy) to save your skin for the next victim. Again, think HARD, and I hope your HEARD me the first time. Your BBB rating should read “Buyer beware”!!!

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      Sep 15, 2009

    We have had nothing but good experiences with Bellissimo. Their photos are beautiful and the photographers were very professional. I would recommend their service to anyone.

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      Sep 16, 2009

    Clutching on straws is an understatement. Yours now is just a sad display of a human being living in his/her head (10, 000 sq.ft with plenty of space left?) on planet Bellissimo ( the air must be thin up there) . Quoting the author "disgusting" just starts to peel this veil of deceit that is your business; you belong with all the other bottom feeders, below grave robbers.

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      Sep 17, 2009

    I own Bellissimo Photography and I have yet to respond to this complaint because, quite frankly, I don’t know where to begin. As such, let me do my best to address the issues at hand and I will not respond again. I honestly have no idea where the amount of hostility is coming from on this board or who exactly is posting, but I am deeply disturbed that my company is somehow caught in the middle of this.

    Bellissimo did indeed photograph a wedding in Bountiful this July and we initially received a complaint via e-mail a week or so after the wedding. This e-mail did not come from our client and was extremely hostile and threatening. Three quarters of the e-mail had nothing to do with our company or the actual photography at the wedding and the majority seemed to be aimed at issues with the bride’s family that we were neither aware of, nor felt it was any of our business to become involved with. We felt no need to justify the photography. Since, at this point, the photos were not even finished or delivered to the clients. Again, because this was a complaint from a third party who did not hire us, we felt is was best just to let it go.

    Upon receiving a second e-mail letter from the same person that was equally hostile and threatening to damage our business, we attained the services of our attorney to send them a letter requesting that they not contact our business again and that they refrain from spreading libel and/or slander regarding our business.

    Aside from this, I have had no other contact with this person.

    I will now try to address this consumer complaint which I can only assume has been posted by the same person.

    From what I understand from the original post as well as the e-mails received, there seems to be 3 areas of dis-satisfaction to be addressed and I will do my best to cover them.

    1. The photos taken at the temple.
    2. The behavior of the photographer at the event.
    3. The delivery and quality of the photos taken.

    1. This wedding took place at an LDS Temple. These tend to be very busy venues with lots of weddings scheduled on Saturdays and our general policy is to do one large group shot along with a couple of group shots of each side of the family and then move on to spend time with the new bride and groom for photos around the temple grounds. We do this in order to maintain reverence and respect at the temple and out of courtesy to other families wanting to get photography at the temple since there is usually are limited areas at the temples that are appropriate for group photos. This is a common practice among photographers here, yet most people who are not photographers may not think of this. Because of this fact, we thoroughly discuss what photos are expected and what photos will be taken at the temple when we are initially contracted to shoot the wedding. This matter was discussed in detail with the bride at the time of booking and a schedule for the photography was set at the time of booking. If we had known beforehand that it was important for the groom’s family to have additional photos at the temple, we would have made every effort to schedule additional time to shoot more photos as well as sought alternate locations on the temple grounds to take such pictures. As it was, we had a number of other families and photographers waiting to take group photos, so when the groom’s family requested more photos, we politely explained that additional group photos were scheduled for later in the day. Nothing more was said regarding this matter to us. Photography taken at the temple that day included multiple poses of the entire group as well as multiple poses of both sides of the family. The majority of the photography at the temple was of the bride and groom, as was agreed upon when we were hired by the bride.

    2. Again, I’m not even sure how to respond to allegations that my behavior was unprofessional. It is simply untrue and anyone I have worked with previously or since will attest to that fact. I must say that we make every effort to make our client’s wedding day a stress free and enjoyable day. We are at a wedding to do a job and though many good photographers make wedding photography look easy, it is, in fact, a very difficult job which requires much concentration and skill. It just doesn’t make sense, we simply do not have time to socialize with guests or engage in nonsense. We are much too busy working. Our personal interaction with the guests and wedding party is, in reality, very limited. The only real interaction we have with them is when we are shooting posed, formal shots. Our interaction with these particular clients and guests on this day was, as always, completely professional and can be verified by both wedding guests as well as our assistant. We spent our time posing and arranging people for shots and doing our job. There were absolutely no negative comments or jokes at this time or any time during the day. When we were not shooting posed shots, we were actively shooting candid shots. Providing photojournalistic coverage of a wedding is time consuming and requires a lot of concentration. We are constantly adjusting for changing lighting conditions, changing lenses, moving lighting equipment and paying attention to “get the shot.” Suffice it to say, we are very busy at weddings actually working and there simply isn’t the time nor energy to engage in conversation with guests, let alone to be acting in the way that we have been accused of.

    3. These complaints were made before the photos were ever delivered. The photos were delivered in a timely fashion to the bride, with whom we had a contract and were hired. There were many photos of both sides of the family as well as complete photojournalistic coverage of the day. The bride and here family expressed a high level of satisfaction with both the quality and quantity of photos they received. The photos delivered were of the same quality or better than what is displayed on our website and the bride and groom stated that they were very happy with them. There was a “preview” slideshow shown on our website before the entire collection of photos were finished and released. This is customary of our company as well as many others and is done as a courtesy. We know clients are anxious to see their pictures. This slideshow was only a small sampling of the photos taken. It consisted primarily of photos of the bride and groom. Upon receiving word that the bride’s mother was concerned that there may not have been some group photos taken that she had particularly wanted, it was then edited to include approximately 5 photos of the bride’s side. This was never meant as any type of insult to the groom’s family. It was a web preview only and intended to reassure the bride and her family that the desired photos were indeed taken. The photos that were delivered to the bride and groom included multiple shots of both families, photos of the bride and groom, and candid shots of the entire evening.

    Our company deeply regrets that this guest has such negative feelings about this wedding. However, our primary responsibility must be to our client with whom we have a contract. In this case, our clients were very happy with their results. Our behavior was professional and can be substantiated by both our hired assistant as well as other guests at the wedding.

    Our business firmly believes that if we are hired to photograph your wedding, your “Aunt Betty” will be thrilled with our pictures, however since you are the one actually hiring us and we are discussing in great detail prior to the wedding what YOU want, that is what we will deliver. If this differs from “Aunt Betty’s” expectations, we are sorry. This seems to be what happened in this case. We can only do our best to accommodate those who we have actually been hired by and the requests we have received prior to taking the photographs.

    As stated before, this is the ONLY response from Bellissimo Photography and we will not respond again. Thank you to those clients of ours who have taken the time to post compliments regarding our business, we have enjoyed working with you and look forward to a continued business relationship. We are again sorry that the poster has such negative feelings toward our company and sour memories of what should have been a wonderful day for her. We sincerely wish the involved families only the best and hope that their differences may be resolved.

    Bellissimo Photography

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  • Finally, a pseudo honest response. Recap: "This is all false, you forgot to mention that you were in a mental hospital a few months before."..." This is the groom. My mom is not well again"... "Our Neighbor Leslie Berger is crazy. She makes stuff up all the time and needs to go back on stronger medication."..." I think it's a very sad thing that Leslie Berger is such an unhappy person and has so many ugly feelings about those that only tried to appease her and make her happy - only to find out that making her happy is impossible"... Why would "Aunt Betty" or anyone else for the fact benefit from spreading such fallacious accusations against their own kin? This has to be the work of someone who has something to loose, someone who had to make things "right" in the court of public opinion without actually taking the effort to getting them done the right way. This sorry attempt for an explanation is a tad bit too late in the 4th quarter. The proverbial double edge sword turn boomerang; the horse has already left the barn. The only thing salvageable from this ugly regrettable episode is the broken pieces of the glass of spilt milk. So comrade, get to sweeping! Hope you HEARD and are still thinking HARD!

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      Sep 17, 2009

    I own a company called Coached by Cary and The Sales Compass. I hired Teresa at Bellissimo Photography to do pictures for my business, specifically for my website and a new product launch. She did a fantastic job, was extremely fast at getting pictures back to me so my graphic designer could get them on our package and was very professional with the whole shoot. I personally had a great experience with them and would highly recommend their services to anyone. In fact I have referred them to many of my business associates and others. Many of them have already used Bellissimo and had a great experience of their own and others soon will. Thanks to them I have wonderful pictures for my website and products.

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    Kettle meet pot, the reverse of it? Birds of a feather ( break out the marshmallows for this is a kumbaya moment!!!)...Snake oil sales persons. Cryptography attempt at it's best?

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