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Bellezza Coffee Company / RIPPED ME OFF BIG TIME!

1 Evanston, IL, United States Review updated:

These people ripped me off for 5 charges of 39.99 each within a 1 week period!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM THEY WILL TAKE ALL OF YOUR MONEY!

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  • Da
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    My bank account was debited with Home Source, Easy Saver, and Travel and Vacation. I have been Getting charges that I don't even know about on my 3 bank accounts . I am disabled so I don't get much. So why would
    I take tese things when i don't have money to throw away. I have 5 kids and the youngest is 9 and I am you can call like a single mother. I also received a luminers make up "stuff" I don't go out except to the doctor's office, that's when i use my debit/credit card to pay and my medications. And this make up people said for me to return and they credit me back but they sent it back again and the cost of the make up is $299.00. Aother one is realty tract. I dealt with them once then cancelled before seven days and i kept on being charged $49.90. What's happening to the world. It's full of untrustworthy people. I hope to God they will get their punishment. I am tired already dealing with so many people because of my disability and bad heart and poor memory, but people just take chance and fool you. As for realty tract, they credit me back for 2 months but how long have they been charging me? Long enough that 2 months of credit is not enough. There's even a place called Interinitiative that charged me severaltimes and it's also expensive and they don't have a refund policy! Is there such a thing? They are still on earth but their soul is already rotting, just plain greediness. They don't care whom they rip off. i have kids to feed, medicines to buy, I need surgery but no money. It's good I have friends and church that helps. I don't anymore want to apply for State benefits- food stamps, energy assistance. Either it's late, that I have to go every month or papers "disappeared" and the staff- some of them makes you feel like you're a parasite. I worked for 26 years and worked hard, and this what I get. Where is the GOOD AMERICA?"

  • Mr
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    Definitely not a good company to deal with! Keep in mind that you may not even know who they are until it shows up on your list of charges. Mine came through a purchase from Seattle Coffee Direct. The Bellezza charge showed up a few days later and I had to call and ask who they were. They still have not credited back the fraudulent charge after a month. I'm now disputing it through my bank and Visa.

  • Az
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    They ripped me off for $88.50 in 3 days and I had to cancel my credit card to stop it. I never approved these charges.

  • Be
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    Please be aware that any charges that post on your credit card statements as "Bellezza Coffee" have absolutely nothing to do with our company "Bellezza Gelato Caffe". We have received numerous complaints and phone calls from people who have purchased coffee through Seattle Direct Coffee located in Evanston, Illinois. Please contact Seattle Direct Coffee directly or pursue the matter with your bank which can trace the charges to their point of origination. Thank you.

    Management of Bellezza Gelato Caffe.

  • Wi
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    Likewise. I ordered a sample which was supposed to be a charge for $5. An absolutely fraudulent company and complete rip-off. I haven't even received anything, and I also saw 3 charges on my account. One, for $25 had already gone through, and all I authorized was $5. I immediately contacted PayPal, which is who I went through, and they removed the other 2 authorizations for $38.95 each.

    It's a real pain having to deal with fraudulent businesses like this, but Seattle's Best is nothing good, when it comes to Bellezza Coffee's actions. It's only a matter of time until the credit card companies come after them, together with the Federal Trade Commission. I've already reported them, PayPal is taking action, as are the credit card companies. Someone's going to do some time over this one. At least they won't have to worry about their bills for a while, in a little 8'x 7' cell. It serves them right.

    If you have already ordered something from Seattle's Best Coffee and see the fraudulent charges start to mount, call your card company immediately and have the authorizations canceled. Then when the package arrives, DO NOT OPEN IT, refuse the shipment and have it returned at no charge to you. This way you won't have to pay for returning it, nor will they have any reason to keep even one penny of what was fraudulently charged to your account.

    It's a shame scammers like this try to get away with stuff like this, but with Homeland Security, they clamp down hard. Whoever's doing this will be sorry they ever did.

  • La
      1st of Apr, 2009
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    I ordered from Seattle Coffee Direct as part of a deal to get a $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble that I will probably never see, and boy, do I know better now. Anyway, I was to pay $5 for shipping and they charged me $25. Then I got more and more coffee. When I saw my credit card bill, I had been charged $38.95 FOUR times by Bellezza Coffee Company. I called Seattle Coffee Direct, and the woman admitted they were Bellezza. She said the customer has to sign up for a desired frequency of delivery, and if they don't, the computer automatically ships the coffee. I got shipments every THREE days! What kind of crazy delivery schedule is that? I don't run a coffee shop! Of course I called right away to cancel what I thought was a trial membership. Anyway, she tells me to send the coffee back -- "just seal up the package and drop it in the box, don't take it to the counter because they'll make you pay postage. When we get the coffee, we'll refund the money." Fat chance, I thought.

    So I called my credit card company to dispute the charges, and I am not going to be held responsible for them until Seattle Coffee explains themselves. They said to return the coffee-- but send it with return receipt requested so I have proof that Seattle Coffee got the product back and owe the money to my credit card account. At the Post Office, they recommended sending it certified so that Seattle Coffee has to sign for it, because that will hold up in court if necessary. I'm not taking this lying down. They have angered the wrong grandma!

    Remember, this slimy operation is in Evanston IL not Seattle WA.

  • Be
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    Please be aware that Bellezza Coffee Company is another name for Seattle Coffee Direct in Evanston, Illinois, and NOT NOT NOT in any way affiliated with Bellezza Gelato Caffe in Chicago, Illinois. Bellezza Gelato Caffe is a gelateria offering gelato, sorbetto and coffee products in a Tuscan cafe setting. I am one of the co-owners and I can tell you we do NOT NOT NOT ship coffee or any other products nor do we bill credit cards for those items under the name of Bellezza Coffee. We have asked the management of Seattle Direct to not use our name and they have said they will oblige. We appreciate your understanding about the confusion over the names. Please contact Seattle Direct Coffee in Evanston, Illinois for complaints/concerns regarding your coffee "nightmare."

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