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Don’t buy samples from the website I ordered samples, but the seller provided full size products, and he charged me correspondingly. I called to their customer services, and they told me to send the products back and they would provide the refund. After I sent the products back, the seller stopped to communicate with me. Total scam. Stay away from these scammers. Also it might be a good idea, if people write about their experience with this seller.

Apr 11, 2014

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  • Jo
      2nd of Dec, 2014

    I agree and we found that there is literally thousands of people who have been scammed by the Oded Edward Kariti and Gabrielle Yotvak Kariti who run this and countless other frauds from 147 Mountain View Drive, Lakewood, New Jersey . They have started scamming people in the United Kingdom now with countless fraudulent dummy companies and both the Police and the UK Office of fair trading is investigating them. If you contact the Britsih Office of Fair Trading there is OVER three and a half thousand complaints against them ! (Especially as they have been arrested in Staten Island in 2009 for drugs smugling and money laundering). Some of the companies they run on auto ship scams are trynuberryslim-com, ketonesslimtxt-com, keytoneadvanced-info and hundreds more similar sites like these. The more outrageous are ones like . All are full of lies and rely on an auto shipping scam with teh deliberate intention of tricking customers to make their money. Their modus operendis is to create fake newspaper articles made to look like a genuine one but with dozens of blatant lies on such as lying that well known people have recomended it and advertise that link on Facebook . From the scam newspaper they then link to one of their hundreds of scam sites.
    Im from England and I met someone who was terribly upset that they had been scammed by Odet "Eddie" Kariti and Gabrielle Yotvak Kariti whose operation i sbased at 47 Mountain View Drive, Lakewood, New Jersey .The person I met purchased a 20 dollar product from one of their scams and these fraudsters had stollen over 600 dollarsfron their credit card and my friend could not afford either food, their rent or their transport to work . These criminals do not carry out victimless crimes and I sincelery hope in due course the USA enforcement agencies will in due course catch them and jail them as they deserve

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  • Ga
      17th of Mar, 2015

    I, too, ordered Bellesse and Nouvebelle. totally surprised wheeeen hey charged my acct. 2 weeks latr for $200. I called and was told I must return the product to get a refund. Im am still waited to get my refund. A complete fraud. And I DID NOT like the product.

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  • Re
      25th of Jul, 2015

    BTW! You will need to cancel BOTH subscriptions and receive two RMA nos. ... one for each product. I had called to cancel both but only reveived one RMA No. and email confirmation. I called customer service and was told I needed to cancel both subscriptions (I didn't even know I had one!) and get another RMA No. BUT I have 30 days to return it OR I'll be charged $98!!! Are you kidding me!? What a rip off! Thank God for this website!!

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  • Tr
      27th of Nov, 2015

    I did the free trial which I paid for shipping and handling...Most say you can see results in 4 to 5 days. I saw none and my face broke out. I called to cancel which they told me I had to use for 30 to 40 days and I told them no I was not using a product that broke out my face. It said Free Trial but they wanted me to send back the free trial in order not to charge me 92.18 the customer service rep was very rude and abrupt when I asked to speak to a supervisor he told me he was one, then I ask to speak to someone over his head and then he said he would speak to his manager but still wouldn't let me speak to him. After a few minutes he came back on then said I could keep the product like he was doing me a favor and he would cancel my subscriptions, and no further charges would be made. My point is a free trial should free why send it back personally its going in the trash as far as I'm concerned..Anyone buying this product buyer beware it's a pain in the rear, and its no better than any store bought product. I do not recommend it.. Hope this helps...

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  • Mi
      10th of Dec, 2015

    I have the same problem, its so hard to understand these people. You get a free trial offer and pay S/H and to my surprise they automatically sign me up for a subscription, there is no stipulation on the site about anything subscription blah-blah. I have 2 charges on my CC from Bejeweled Skin $97.83
    and Distinguished Eyecare of $92.79. I was a fool for falling this trial offer, if ask for refund the will try to offer 30% if not 50%. Nothing has been settled and I called my CC company, they will investigate w/c will take 60 days and they replace my CC, and oh when I call both company, it's the same person working, which you barely and understand and very Rude. WHAT AN Experience!

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  • Ma
      3rd of Feb, 2016

    I too have been scammed by the so called trial products. I was charged 97.00 for one and 92.00 for the other .Idid get in touch with Novella and they said I would be refunded 50% and I told them I never ordered it this went on for a time they said I could have 70%of that order back. will see if that happens. Now I am trying to get with Bellesse and I have not succeded yet. WHAT A RIP OFF. Plus the people you are speaking with you barely understand and they are so rude and ruthless .

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  • Jr
      18th of Mar, 2016

    I HOPE NO ONE ORDER'S THIS PRODUCT..: This company is a scam, and as same as above notes and comments, they charged my Credit Card and let me to believe that this was a FREE Trial Sample, and paid the shipping charge. The Eye cream container malfunctioned with each pump action to get the eye product cream it squirted all over your hand. Had this feeling that if I didn't call to inquire that they would not ship on regular basis as figured the cost was far more than I could afford. Right, upon placing my call, they did inform me that this would be monthly shipment, then advised that CANCELLATION was necessary. Explained that I was retired and on fixed income, product was far to expensive once I was told how much it would be. Then the gentlemen advised that the 2nd shipment had been shipped and if rec'd before he could cancel, just return and no charge.
    Rec'd my credit card statement and noticed that I had been charged $97.00 and $92.00 for a trial of this product. Immediately called them and I am now being told that if I didn't call before the 30 days, my credit card would be charged for "TRIAL". No where did I find as stated by them that if you kept product 30 days or less you would be charged full amount.. This needs to be looked into. THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF AND NO ADVERTISING SHOULD BE ALLOWED BY YAHOO, GOOGLE OR ANY INTERNET.. BEWARE LADIES, THIS IS A ROYAL SCAM.

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