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Advertised a free trial, 30-day supply, of Belle Complex / Hydraradiance moisturizer creams; postage and handling had to be paid ($4.86 + $7.00). Product was received 10 days later.

Less than 1 1/2 weeks after product was received, a charge was made on my credit card for $89.95 for the Belle Complex moisturizer only. When I phoned the company, it was explained that I had 14 days from when I PLACED the order, not RECEIVED the order to call them and advise them that I was not pleased with the product. Since I had not received the product for the first 10 days, I only had 4 days to decide if it "was doing anything for me". I was also advised that the product was not "free" only the trial was "free" and if I wasn't pleased then I could return it to them, at my expense, and my credit card would not be charged BUT this had to be done before the 14 day trial period was expired. THIS IS A SCAM!!! I was also advised that the Hydraradiance moisturizer would be billed today.

The woman on the phone did advise me that she would refund 50% of the amount debited on my credit card for the Belle Complex and that I should expect the refund by February 25, 2014...we shall wait and see.

She also advised that she would only charge me 50% of the Hydraradiance moisturizer.


Feb 21, 2014
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  • Ca
      29th of Mar, 2014

    Same situation happened to me! Leaving in Canada it took even longer and they charged me 4 times! Given the distance and time I didn't receive my so called "Free Trial" in time and by the time I received the first product in almost 2 weeks time, they sent out the second shipment and charged me again! Not to mention there is a currency exchange in their favour! I demanded a refund which they only provided on the second shipment! And the exchange difference wasn't accounted for and I paid money for nothing! They wouldn't even refund the first shipment cause I didn't respond in 14 days meanwhile I got the product at almost 2 weeks time and they just argued with me saying I received it however it was almost 2 weeks! There's no 2 week free trial! Huge Scam!!! Canadians watch out!!!

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  • Je
      23rd of Jun, 2014

    Same thing! Not free! Will be charged and must send back product back at own expense during 14 day trial or be charged for months supply! Total scam! I called before 14 days up but I was lucky. This is horrible!

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  • De
      17th of Jul, 2014

    Buyer beware they will charge your credit card and only give 25% refund and tell you that you should have read the terms and conditions.
    They will not even give you confirmation of your cancellation.

    LOOK OUT!!

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  • Sh
      29th of Jul, 2014

    I haven't used the product yet, though I got it 2 -3 weeks ago. I have been trying to find out the phone number to contact someone about this product, but haven't found one yet. Then, yesterday, I got another moisturizer! The fact that they make themselves so difficult to contact should be a lesson to us all. I will continue to look for a number to try to reach someone. I do not want this product.

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  • Bb
      15th of Aug, 2014

    Belle Complex called me immediately after I placed an order online for 2free samples. AlI I had to pay was $4.89 & $4.95 S&H. Being on disability. I asked the woman, do I need to cancel anything? She said, No. I said, will any future charges? She said, No. I said, so the only money from my account is the S&H? She said, .yes. I explained that I was on disability and I needed to be certain that no future charges would be made. She assured me. No future charges would be made. 13 Days later, my bank informs me of a $89.95 charge. The bank gave me thier phone #1-800-819-8052. I called immediately. They were very rude. I cancelled everything(took 3calls to get a confirmation #). Now I must send it all back(at my own expense). They lied from the start. Beware of Belle!!!

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  • La
      12th of Sep, 2014

    Six weeks after I called this company and cancelled hydradience and Belle Complex, I received another shipment of Belle Complex. Today when I called to speak with someone to say that I do not want the Belle Complex and would return it (on my dime), I was told I ordered this product when I called to cancel it. I spoke to two women, Jasmine and Grace, but was told the best they could do is give me 25% refund. This product is $89.95!! I don't want the product and I do want my money back. I asked for an email confirmation. Customer service? More like customer disservice!! Beware of ordering from this company.

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  • Su
      22nd of Sep, 2014

    I too was scammed!!! I also received the charges of 89.95 and 79.95 for the "free" product. I received a second shipment and charges. At that time, I kept the product and went to their website to cancel all further shipments. No phone # was available at that time, so I cancelled by contacting their customer support with an email. I received another shipment and wrote "Return to Sender" on it and sent the unopened package back to them. Today, when I went on the website there was a contact number. I called and explained my situation. She told me that the warehouse will not accept that package and will return it to me. She said that I will receive that product again but she will cancel further shipments and give me a 25% refund on the product that I do not have. Legal????????????

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  • An
      4th of Nov, 2014

    That same thing happend to me...I have ordered a free trial.But it was not at all free...8 day after the product was recieved a charge was made on my credit card for $ 180 .I called the customer support to tell them that I just recieved the product and used it for 8 days how can you charge me.The women on the phone was very rude and said that you agreed to the therms and conditions.How erver they said they will refund 50% .Now lets see if i will get my money back or not.This is really a SCAM.

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  • Ul
      6th of Jan, 2015

    I wisch I've read this thread before I ordered the "free trail" from Belle. Total SCAM! Is it possible to sue them somehow??

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  • Ga
      12th of Jan, 2015

    I've hd the same problem but it keeps sending me the product even thou I cancel and it still charges my credit card

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  • Gu
      10th of Feb, 2015

    I have experienced the same. I answered to an advertisment on facebook, read it very carefully, and found no further obligations. They have since january 27. taken 220 USD from my creditcard, besides the costs for the "free" trial!

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  • Am
      23rd of Nov, 2015

    What is the number I have tried the one's on this page phone not connected . I'm in Australia 😠

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