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I received a bill saying I owe 98.37 for an order they say they shipped, don't know what it was that was shipped, and that they enrolled me in a trial program. Said the processed payment and my card was declined. They go on to ask for new credit card info and asked me to fill out the back of this "statement", or call them with my card info. The only thing I recall doing was clicking on an ad that was on FB for a eye cream I think, but I never put in credit card info. I think I started filling out the form and then saw something I didn't like so clicked out. I never received any order though they say they shipped one. I am not paying them a dime.

Oct 06, 2014

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  • Jd
      Oct 07, 2014

    I received a bill also from Bellavani saying that I owed $98.37 to them. It was maybe a year and half-two years ago that I had signed up for a trial offer for their skin cream, just pay shipping and handling. Then they tried to bill us for about $90. So I cancelled it, and sent them back the product. They send me this bill saying that my credit card was declined. I do periodically change card numbers due to things of this nature. They have NOT sent me anything! The letter address was a PO Box number from Farmingdale, NY. I tried to call the number 1-866-441-4733, twice it was disconnected to a busy signal. I googled the number, it can up as the Takar Group? This letter really irked me off! It looks like an overdue bill stating "Priority Message" I reported it to People I also reported the phone number to the FCC website. Which is what I do when I get a bunch of repeated phone numbers that call constantly! Sick of these people wasting my time! I want to put these people that harrass other out of business! Fed up!

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