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1 Wokingham, England, Berkshire, United Kingdom

The advert for this and another GCLWhitening Coach popped up offering free trials of their products if I paid fro P&P, which I did. There were no terms & conditions attached to the advert. However my bank says that I agreed to T's & C's just by entering my bank details, which I had to do in order to pa yP&P!
On most sites there are separate T's & C's which you have to check a box to agree to.
I have been charged for both these products, and cannot access the Bella web site to cancel any further orders.
As these were sent over the Xmas period, I had not realised that the money was taken from my account. No I see from the complaints about these companies that even if I had sent them back in time I would not have received a refund.
What is being done to stop these scams, and how can I, as a pensioner, get my money back? (I bought these as an add on gift for my daughter.)

Jan 3, 2015

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