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I feel after my experience other people know so they don't waste over 4000$ because of this company.
For my senior prom I was the one who was organizing the limo bus (party bus) and we were all students so we wanted something cheap! I searched for hours on end and came up with Bellagio Limousines, they wanted 2800$ for a 38 person limo bus which was a lottt less then we could have hoped for! It seemed too good to be true. The website seemed legitimate but the first thing that threw me off was this: rather then taking a credit card number, they wanted a money transfer from my bank (half of it, the other half on the day of the prom) up front. I thought this was weird so before I did it I had my parents check the company out. My dad spent a 1/2 hour on the phone with the owner (Dominic) and he faxed forms for a contract and claimed the credit system was "down temporarily" and to get this booked we needed to do it ASAP. So I went ahead and transfered the money I had collected from my friends. This was in January.

Well, after constant calls and emails I didn't hear from them again until May 21st (my prom was the 23rd). My mom called me at work and said "Karlie, Maria called and claims she's sending a Coach Bus to you because you changed the number of people from 38-40" I had called two months before asking if two more people could fit on the bus, Maria said that was fine and I would still receive the same limo. I immediately began crying at work and flipping out, who wants to go to prom in a COACH bus? The ones you take on long trips with tv's and grey interior and seats and that smelly bathroom? I called Maria and she said "It's your own fault, you changed the number of people." SO i told her to make it 38 people again and she said "That bus is already booked." My dad then called her and asked how a coach bus for 4 hours costs 2800$ when you book through greyhound you pay 1500$ for the day. She said the bus was booked through Kunkel Bus lines, and claimed Bellagio does a lot of bookings through them and that was that, and then was disrespectful and hung up on him. Well, my Dad called Kunkel bus lines. They had never heard of Bellagio Limousines, nor did they have a bus booked for the Saturday of my prom. My stomach dropped, there was no bus showing up that day. My best friend and I sat for hours researching limo companies and found Sky Limousines and Celebrity Limousines, two amazing understanding companies! They sent us two 20 people limo buses for a reasonable price, but it was still unfair we had already paid Bellagio all this money and had to pay new companies! These two companies truly saved our prom.
Not only that, but I googled Bellagio and found SO many complaints of limo's being wrong, or not showing up at all!
Also, Bellagio was sued by Bellagio in Las Vegas for using the same name.

Bellagio claimed "I had a credit on my account" so I asked if I could use it for my 19th birthday in November, 2010. I don't expect a bus will show up; for the fact that Bellagio has now blocked my email and phone number.
This company is a complete FRAUD.


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  • Ne
      Sep 13, 2010

    Here Is My Story I am So sorry To Hear about your prom this woman is a horrible person great actress
    bellagio limousines is A Fraud

    Me and my husband booked a 24 passenger hummer limo for our wedding august 21 2010 from bellagio limousines. We met Maria at the wedding show at bingemans in January of 2010 we paid her 1700.00 for limo that we saw down in Cambridge back in February of this year. The limo never showed up however we got a dirty run down limo to hold 8 people. My wedding Party Had 18. This company is a scam and is taking money from people and then sending out limos from other companies that get credit card if from Maria at Bellagio. I want to pass that on so others do not have this happen to them. More people we have grouped together or that come forward will help in getting money back from everyone hurt by this woman and her scam. Please contact me if this has happened to you or someone you know get people together do a class action lawsuit. Check out this article she did this to lots of other people but with tuxedo limousines so this is how she operates

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  • Ma
      Oct 03, 2010

    Bellagio Limo ( ) at [protected] and [protected].

    This was by far the absolute worst decision I’ve ever made when it came to booking a limo company for my 2010 wedding in Mississauga. I agreed to book with the company because they said they would price match any other quote I had gotten, so I thought this would be a perfect way to book a limo bus at a good price. Well, I was wrong. The company ended up making numerous withdraws from my credit card. In the end, I was over-charged by 3000 dollars (double the cost of the service!!!). You can only reach this company by phone, and they will never agree to meet you in person. The one time I demanded to meet, they sent me to a limo company that they contract out and the guy didn’t even know why we were there. I spent numerous conversations with the owner of Bellagio (aka Maria) regarding these transactions and she was always polite and said that the refund was in the mail or they were going to process the refund through my credit card but it never happened. It’s now 6 months after the fact and I’ve finally been refunded a partial amount from my credit card company’s investigation but I’m still in the process of trying to get the rest back. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY OF YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!!! You will regret the headache that they will create for you. I’ve never written a customer review before, but since this was related to my wedding day, I can’t stand by and let someone else get victimized by this company.

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  • Ma
      Oct 05, 2010

    I did not even receive a replacement Limo just a pathetic apology!

    Our wedding day was on Sept.11.2010... and we're now out $3000.00 because of "Maria".

    I'm so disappointed that The Total Wedding Show in Mississauga/Toronto would allow this company to be a part of their Event after all the complaints!!!... It was so convenient for Bellagio Limo to have hundreds of potential victims in one place flock to their booth!

    This article is so upsetting...

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  • Co
      Nov 19, 2010

    CTV Southwestern Ontario

    Date: Friday Nov. 19, 2010 2:37 PM ET

    A 36-year-old woman from Brantford is facing numerous fraud charges after complaints against Bellagio Limousines.

    Waterloo Regional Police Fraud Branch investigators received several complaints that alleged fraudulent activity as far back as January 2010.

    Victims allege the company took deposits for limousine service, but they were left with no service or sub-standard service.

    According to police the limousines were booking primarily for wedding dates by couples both within and outside of the Region of Waterloo.

    Police are asking anyone who has information or who may have dealt with the company to call the Fraud Office at [protected] Ext. 8372 or Crime Stoppers at [protected]-TIPS.

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  • Na
      Dec 11, 2010

    My wedding was August 7th 2010 in Windsor, Ontario, I booked a 30 person limo bus and got a 22 person limo (that fit 18) from another company in Toronto. Some of my bridal party had to drive themselves. My brother had open heart surgery 2 months before my wedding and thats why i personally booked a bigger vehicle so ...he could have room and be comfortable. He couldn't be with me in the limo at all because their was toooooo many people in the limo... I cried all day! My wedding day was ruined! And now I'm out $1800.00 and she won't return my calls and in the off chance she does answer her phone she says everything is taken care of and that she has all the paper work that she will email me asap, SURPRISE... those emails NEVER CAME... how can someone to this to people?

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  • Al
      Mar 06, 2012

    I just found out that the company we booked for our 2012 jul wedding is non existent. We met in May 2011 and found the number as Bellagio but we met with the woman that introduced herself as Tia (tall, dark features, late 30's medium build long black hair) and was super nice and agreed for a c300 limo we wanted. Business card she gave us was for Avante Limousines as well as the contract. She explained that they bought out Bellagio as it was going under. She wanted 400 deposit I claimed that I'm only able to pay 200 so I guess I can feel lucky. Well 5 months till the wedding to find some reputable limo company.
    We did met with her in Brantford to see the limos but she told us she lives in Cambridge Ontario.

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  • Li
      Jun 18, 2013

    My husband and were quite shocked to see this forum. We were also left high and dry on our wedding day in May 2009. After paying a $400 deposit and confirming with them, our wedding day arrived: NO LIMO. After we got back from our honeymoon, we finally got in contact with them. They said they would give us our money back if we could produce a copy of the cashed cheque. Of course we did. Needless to say we never heard from them again. They refused to pick up the phone and we have never heard from them since...

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  • Li
      Jun 18, 2013

    Has anyone had any luck pursuing these scoundrels?

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  • Ju
      Feb 10, 2015

    We also booked this company for our May 2010 Wedding based on meeting Maria at the Toronto wedding show. We tried on numerous occasions to see the limo we had hired but it was always booked last minute and unavailable - should have been a red flag. She double charged my credit card days before my wedding and stated it must have been an error on their machines part for the double charge, and did refund the second charge after I phoned my credit card company to have the charges reversed. The day of the wedding another company arrived driving a Chrysler 300 limo - but not what we hired which was supposed to be a rolls Royce limo. My father in law drives a Chrysler 300 so on your wedding day not all that special. At the end of the night the other limo company arrived with an SUV limo 1.5 hours earlier than planned and he basically said take me now or I am leaving - "I have another wedding to go to". So we left our wedding early so we would have transportation. I told the driver on drop off there would be no tip as I was not getting what i paid for, he was very angry when we left. I had negotiated with Maria up front that tips would not be paid up front before fulfilling her end and would be paid directly to the drivers based on service received. The tip amount was attempted to be taken from my credit card from the other limo company - this was reversed by the credit card fraud department. A few weeks after my wedding we noted new charges on my credit card with charges from the new limo company essentially doubling the fees I paid. Maria had provided the limo company with my credit card information without my permission. When I contacted the owner of the new limo company he said he needed to be paid so I told him he needed to collect the money from Maria as she had the money. The fraud dept at the credit card company did reverse the final charges and I did in the end only pay the one limo fee initially agreed to. They could not reverse all the charges as we did in the end receive a service and have limo transport. In future I would specify in the contract the type of limo that it must be. Maria deserves everything she gets in terms of punishment. She made the days and hours leading up to my wedding and weeks following to be very stressful. She is an awful person. I also left messages with the Toronto Wedding show to complain about the booths they allow to be there. I did not hear back from anyone regarding this. And I now caution all people that the wedding show may not be the best resource and to always check the BBB - However the complaint I filed with them was never addressed and is no longer evident on their website.

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