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Never even heard of them, seen them online, nothing. I get a random package in the mail, telling me to try their free sample tooth whitening system (which was over a month ago). Today I got a call from my bank about a "suspicious charge" on my bank account. It was for $78!!! When I google searched the name of the company the bank gave me, I realized it was from the people who sent me a "sample" of their product! They have no phone number, just a cruddy email submission form to contact them...I'm guessing because they would be flooded with phone calls all day everyday for fraud and/or stealing...

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  • Le
      Jul 05, 2011

    Once you "ask" for the free sample, they expect you to NOT read the disclaimer text. What it stated in the "scam" I got taken from is "if you do not cancel before 30 days from the sample being sent blah blah blah..." they have the right to deduct from your account the sum of $89.99 for each month you continue to use the product without canceling it." In other words, they'll take your $$ and it becomes almost IMPOSSIBLE to call or get ANYONE on the line to help you out. I actually had a great bank that allowed me to not only get the refund BUT I closed the card out that day and was issued a new one as well. They were not going to do this on me again. I'm sorry for your loss on this. I thought it was one of the more crafty ways to run a scam... When you bring it up that it was fraudulent, the company running the scam rests on the law that "it was in the disclaimer and you asked for the trial...". As sad as it is, that would stand up in a court. I hate the era we are in nowadays... faceless crimes and nameless people pulling off such scams. It's just not right.

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  • Ho
      Jul 18, 2011

    i just talked to a rep at the company that assured me my money would be back in the bank (well most of it -19.95 for the box they put it in((i want to sell boxes thats were the money seems to be lol )) within 24 hours of recieving it. We'll see!

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