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Bell World / Worst company ever

1 Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Alright, lets start out by saying that I have a phone from bell that I previously owned and bought, and had no problems with until the charger broke 2 years later. I bought a new phone for $300 this past july. after having it for 3 weeks, it broke. for no apparent reason. I did not drop it, It had no water damage so i sent it away and the woman behind the desk told me it would be back in 1-2 weeks. so i thought a loaner phone would be unnecessary. after waiting the two weeks I called back and asked about the status of my phone and the woman said that it would be 4-6 weeks and i thought alright, people make mistakes. so i let it slide. i then got a loaner phone, costing me $30 and then another $100 to actually use the phone for security purposes. I kept waiting, and calling about the status of my phone after 8 weeks time was up but there was no status still. After a long 10 weeks I finally received my phone back. Little did I know, the phone was going to break 4 .. yea FOUR days later and I would have to send it in again. This time was a little more reasonable but I still got a loaner phone because I thought it was going to be 9 weeks again which again, cost me $30 and another $100 on top of that again. So i waited again and this time it was back a little after 3 weeks and I thought after this second time of sending it in that it would be fine, that they finally would have found out what was wrong. I was wrong. I have had my phone back for 8 days, and it just broke again. The same way it has the 2 previous times. So AGAIN I will have to send it in. I am not sure if they will be giving me a new phone ( knowing them, they won't be ) and could I add that I am a seventeen year old girl saving up for university and this constant breaking of phones is making it difficult to save for my schooling. If bell world refuses to provide me with a new phone, I am canceling my phone service and expect all of my money back for receiving a phone that since JULY, in 4 months, I have only been able to use for 1 month. I think this is ridiculous and anyone looking into buying a new phone, DO NOT i repeat DO NOT go to bell. Go to rogers, I hear very pleasant things about them and their great customer service. I will not be purchasing anything from bell again, because I think anyone here can agree that this is too much for a seventeen year old girl have to deal with and pay for.


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