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Ottawa, ON, Canada
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You are cancelling our phone, we have a credit of over $210, I don't think its fair we have to find more money to buy another phone, considering the amount of credit. This is an emergency phone. I am not going to go on a plan that is at least double a month, for a $0 phone on a contract we don't want.
You refuse to refund the $210 as you claim its not money, yet you call it money
You refuse to let us use this money so we can get a cheap phone
You are trying to force us into a long term contract
Just where is there any customer service? Or customer care
I find it hard to believe I have to dig up money we don't have to buy another phone, it seems to me bell doesn't give a #### about their customers especially prepay where your guaranteed the fund .
How many millions do you rip off of customers or take from their accounts, but you cant help with a forced phone replacement. I M very angry, do the right thing, I have cancer, stage 4 . I don't need this stress, I cant even afford to park at the cross to get my treatments. I am asking for some consideration, as a long time customer

Jan 11, 2017

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