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Kitchener, ON, Canada Review updated:

I reccieved a bill before xmas, 3400$ for one month.but 3100$ for 49minutes data roamiong in the USA, i have a international plan but was not informed that i could be charged 51$ amin for data use, i was horrified by this big surprise that i cant afford and seems criminal to me, WHO ELSE CAN CHARGE $51 DOLLARS a minite.So after many calls with customer service which is useless, , i have been cut off services and charged penalty for rest of my contract and its going to collections.because they want the payment in full.Im a working poor person and i needed a longer payment plan.I am totally digusted with BM as ive been a customer for 15 plus years and they are not warning the customer of this criminal billing scam thats going on.

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  • He
      10th of Feb, 2010

    They are criminals. I have bell and my bill is 5000.00

    I went into a bell store to see how i could lower my bill from 400 per month. The agent said I could add this and remove that, so I trusted the expert. Got my bill the next month and it was 4000.00 . Its been climbing ever since because of tax, then a late payment each month of about 60 bucks, now they have shut my phone off and still billing me monthly because I have 13 months left on my contract.

    This is extortion, they are financially raping me. I have spent 25 hrs on the phone with various customer service agents with no results. STAY AWAY FROM BELL, IF YOU SIGN A CONTRACT THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT TO YOU AND YOU ARE POWERLESS. I wouldnt give a BELL phone to my [censored] dog. What a nightmare. I have perfect credit, always pay my bills. BELL will possibly ruin me and my future. Im still fighting each day. Phone bill is 4200, shut off and still being charged.


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  • Aa
      23rd of Feb, 2010

    Yeah Rogers is no different. All these phone/internet companies do is scam you. My wife and I got I phones. We worked out a deal where the first phone was 200 and the second was 250 with the plan. We get one phone at 250 and the other at 300. W/E I'm not that poor. I let the clowns get a way with that though I shouldn't have. Then we find out my wifes phone is getting charged up the ### for data roming. IN KITCHENER!!! WHERE I HAPPEN TO LIVE. After arguing with Rogers for countless hours. we had a $600.00 reduction on our bill.

    A friend of mine also got the I Phone and after a few months of use he sent it back on his warrinty plan. He waits for a new phone in the mail and sends his old one back to Rogers. The phone goes missing. So Rogers the loyal customer making company that they are decides to charge him for the new phone, 900 bucks, without even doing a PIN check to see where the package was. Of course he argued and argued. So they finaly decide to do a PIN check on the package. A month later they decide to call him back telling him they could not find it. During that month they trippled his bill for not paying. He then closed his account so they charged him another 600 bucks. Which hilariously he has not paid. 3 months later they find the package sitting in the back of some UPS store. He calls Rogers to tell them UPS found the package and that it was their fault. He then discovered from Rogers that the clowns knew where it was the entier time!!! They will not fix his bill or reduce charges at all. I think he owes a couple grand atleast! I HATE ROGERS. I HATE BELL. I HATE TELUS. They are all after making money which wouldn't be so bad if they were not a bunch of criminals.

    I got a home phone plan last year where it was 15 dollars a month indefinitly. A year later I'm paying 30 bucks a month. Not to mention I was suppose to get a free phone, gas card and gift certificate. That was part of the deal in the contract I signed. I got none of that. So I went to cancel my phone service and they could'nt understand why. It's not with in their brain power to comprehend why screwing someone over is not the best way to make good customer relations.


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