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Bell Dental / Front Desk and Office Manager

1 United States

They called one night before with a last-minute opening and asked if I wanted to switch my daughter's appointment. I said no and the caller confirmed it for the original date which was next week. I said I could go tomorrow and made the appointment. The next day, 20 minutes before the appointment, someone calls and asks for my insurance information but they called me by my daughter's name. I said it was I who had the appointment and to please put back by daughter's appointment since they had cancelled it. I gave my insurance information. She wanted to know my daughter's insurance information but I had to go. When I got to the office, they asked me for my daughter's insurance information and I said they should've had it because I gave it before they cancelled it. They said I had to call them to give it to them again. I said they should call me. I sat down to wait for my turn. The hygienist called me and I checked with the woman who called me 20 minutes before the appointment to see if she got authorization for the 4 bite wings. She said, "No full mouth, bite wings." In the treatment room, I asked if said that I could only get four bite wings. I also told the hygienist about the phone call and the mixup with cancelling my daughter's appointment. The Dr. examined me and said I needed four fillings. I asked for the tooth numbers and she said I would get a printout on my way out. Before she left, she said they were preparing the room for my cleaning. The hygienist came in later with the cleaning supplies so I asked if I was changing rooms anymore and I giggled to myself but she was watching. She then disappeared and never came back. I asked to speak to a manager and a different hygienist said she had to be preparing the other room. Then the dentist returned and said she was doing the cleaning. When I got my printout, I asked for the office manager to complain about the hygienist who disappeared and the erroneous cancellation of my daughter's next week appointment. She did not address the hygienist problem and asked for the daughter's insurance information when I said that they should call me with it. She said she had to have it now or else she would cancel the appointment. I didn't have it so she cancelled the appointment. They also said I didn't have to go back. I called her a ### and she said I couldn't go back. They were rude and they covered up for their mistakes by making the customer do the extra work. I left with my xrays. I believe they're also satanic.

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