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So almost 2 months ago I purchased a phone from Bell, a blackberry and I started with the Smartphone Combo 40 social fab five plan... it included: 100 local minutes plus 50 bonus minutes, unlimited calling and text to 5 numbers anywhere in canada, unlimited local evenings and weekends, unlimited text messaging (outgoing and incoming) and unlimited Facebook, Myspace, and instant messaging.

A few weeks after having my phone I decided that I needed a data plan so I could get the most out of my blackberry. I called Bell and had a LONG conversation with the representative, eventually the representative convinced me that a $50 plan would be a great deal, although I just wanted a cheap monthly phone because of my past of $100 a month (not to mention Rogers Wireless charging me $865 dollars wrongly, which I was able to get a full refund since they know they were wrong.) anyways, I wanted a low monthly bill and a simple plan but the representative really sold me on the $50 plan, which isn't even that much, he clearly stated AT LEAST 5 times "this plan is a really good deal because it has everything that your plan now has, but for only $10 more you get 100 more minutes and 500 MB of data!" he also reviewed the features 2 or 3 times saying " this $50 plan includes: 200 local minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends, unlimited calling and text to 5 numbers anywhere in canada, unlimited text messaging, and 500 MB of data so you can browse the web and whatnot" ... I was then under the impression that I had 200 minutes, evenings and weekends, unlimited texting, my nationwide fab five numbers, and 500 MB of data which i hear is plenty.

I just learned that in the last billing period I was charged $30 of text messaging... excuse me?
I phoned Bell to figure out what on EARTH was this about, and long story short ------ they said that the plan doesn't actually include any text messaging, it is pay per use (15 cents a text) I know that may not seem like a huge amount of money, and I only sent 200 texts outside my fab five, but honestly, what if I had sent $2, 000?
I demanded some kind of credit for the $30 because I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I WAS BEING CHARGED FOR TEXTING, BECAUSE I WAS LIED TO by them. Why should I be paying Bell for their own mistake? I hope they recorded the phone call so that they can check and see that the guy said I had unlimited text still...
I don't even care about the $30, its the fact that they won't even think about giving me a credit for an incorrect charge, it's their own fault... I'm just happy that I didn't send thousands of texts like I usually do since it was really only my first month with the new phone number.

I used to be with Rogers, and although they screwed up the billing quite often and when I didn't understand the charges they would give me credits... I don't know if I'll be able to make it through my three year contract with Bell if they can't even do so little as give me a credit for a mistake on their part.

To anyone thinking about signing with Bell... DON'T. Honestly, it will suck you in and you will never get out.

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  • Ta
      22nd of Jul, 2008

    I am outraged at how Bell Canada can continue doing business the way it does. I have been a customer with Bell Canada for about 18 yrs until about the last year. I have paid my account and if you go over all my bills they actually owe me money !!! When I called them to cancel my service because I am fed up with all the extras they keep adding on my bill like; internet, internet again, adding magazines to my satellite that I told them I did not want or request. So I cancelled anything I had with Bell which was satellite and home phone service. So.. to continue on with the story I called and cancelled my satellite and I received a final bill which was correct. I then received a bill 1 mth later for almost 500.oo. I called and tried to resolve the issue which included gathering all of my bills and my bank statements and faxing them and they still could not figure out the situation. The next thing I knew I was getting letters from the collection agency. They said they would not deal with the account anymore and gave it back to Bell Canada.

    I looked in my mailbox today and what do I have: Bell Canada bills. My bills from 2007. So I called Bell this morning and I was patched over to a couple of women who where speaking in some other language other than english and they would not even answer me. By the way that was the 310Bell line.

    I am soooooo not impressed. So, this is how companies are saving money eh. You rob our pockets and send our money overseas and give our jobs to people who can not even do simple math. I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to resolve this with Bell canada customer service before it went to collections and now here we go again.

    I will tell you one thing Bell has lost any/all of my business forever and I will make sure I let everyone know about my experience.

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  • Ke
      23rd of Jul, 2008

    I know, Bell Canada must be getting very desperate. I cancelled with them after a similar amount of time (they wanted to charge me $110 to fix the phone wiring in my house, Rogers did it for free) and they have sent me "greeting cards" non-stop in the mail to come back. I don't know what it is going to take for them to understand that I left them for a reason. Not only that, they literally phone 10+ times a day. And you are right, the people certainly don't speak english as a first language. I have gotten to the point where I just pick up the phone and yell really loud or swear into it when they phone, immature- for sure, but it gives me some satisfaction :)
    I'm going to look in to blocking their number or something. Thankfully they are not wrongfully after money from me, as they are from you. I hope it works out for you soon. maybe you should call them tons of times a day and send them a bunch of bills asking for the money they owe you :P

    Good luck :)

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  • Qu
      1st of Apr, 2010

    Sorry to hear this happened to you...I too know first hand that Bell sucks.

    Their customer service is terrible...I am certain they are messing with me, because I did not buy my Blackberry from them (I got it on Ebay) it was previously hooked up with Sask-Tel. I did not tell them that...and I must have got a newbie in the he did some programming on it and hooked it into the Bell system.

    However, I was not getting the EV signal, but I could dial out and receive phone calls, but not get on the Internet with it. I took it back to the same some other sales employee this time, he said that this phone should/could not be hooked up to Internet cause it is not a Bell phone ...oh ya right.

    So after about 10 calls to different service reps and RETENTION dept and a 3 way call with the Sask-Tel rep...numerous threats to cancel my contract with them for TV & Cell (only 10 months left on cell contract)...they finally got my internet to work...just simple programming on their end that they walked me through... but of course they said it may not work and that I may having problems with the internet.

    Presently it works off & on my phone does not ring but will ring forever then go to voicemail when I call it and it is on and sitting right infront of me...

    I just do the simple programming that they first did and it always comes back...this is what they had me do: ##000000 then send, a CDMA Service Edit Screen comes up I have to change my phone number to all o's and save and it will reboot the phone then change the 0's back to my number and save again...usually this works and I get Internet again.

    I still have the Bell service but I am not under contract with them...they do call me and try to get me to sign up again ...but that is not gonna happen.

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