Bell Canadadata included with my plan

C Nov 28, 2017

In the spring, I signed up for a new cell phone contract with Bell Mobility. At the time they offered me two GB of data for free as an in-store promotion as well as 1 GB of Loyalty data for $1. (See attached photo.) I had this for the first few months, and then they suddenly removed it.

When I called, they claimed that this 1 GB was from my last contract and that they couldn't offer me both the in-store special and the loyalty GB at the same time. They have charged me extra money for the last three months because I have gone over 3 GB of data, even though my contract includes 4 GB.

After talking to several people, I sent in the attached photo of my contract, and I finally got a supervisor to admit that my contract includes both. However, she claimed that she was unable to add it back onto my contract because the computer won't let her. She said they would have to do a new contract in which I would pay for th extra GB, but that they would provide me with a credit on my account the extra amount that I would pay I've the next 18 months. They also said they would remove the additional charges for going over 3 GB of data.

I asked for this in writing, but they have yet to provide it.

I want my 4 GB restored without having to pay more, and I want the extra charges from the last three months removed.

Bell Canada

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