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Bell Business Internet / Great Sales/Poor Customer Service

1 London, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

My recent experience with Bell Business Internet has been one of the worst experiences of my entire business career. We bought Bell Internet on April 1, 2009, it was suppose to be hooked up within 5 business days and we were excited to have internet setup at the new location. Though we did not get internet live at our shop until late April 2009. Causing three weeks of downtime with our business causing major headaches and having to use internet in the evening at public centers to complete our work.

Anyways, no one at Bell Canada, Bell Internet Solutions offered any compensation to make up for the down time and downed service.

Not to mention the numerous hours I spent on the phone trying to resolve the situation, after being sent to Quebec, then to India, then to Ontario. It was a terrible experience to try to get it resolved. Initially Bell Canada did not ship the modem to the correct address and that is what caused the major issue and like I said, it took me weeks to get the address updated correctly because the original sales person did not put our Unit number on the package.

Today I was hoping to get a bit of leniency and closure on the situation but your customer support personnel where not helpful whatsoever. Claiming that I am fully responsible for early termination fees and all this other nonsense. Basically this customer service representative who we dealt with today had no desire to work with us.

I would like to speak to a respectable person and have this situation cleared up before it becomes a major issue. I have instructed my corporation accounting department to not to pay any Bell Business Internet invoices until I speak with someone in the Loyalties department. I hope to hear back from someone before I have to look into switching my business telephone and cell phone provider’s to another company.

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  • Mr
      31st of Dec, 2009
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    My Bell internet service was just installed in my apartment the day before yesterday. There is a problem with the service. It is slower than a VIC 20 and the source of the problem has been determined to be outside on the side of the house. A second technician was dispatched to my apartment. He told me to separate the wireless phone from the modem, which the first technician had deliberately placed directly on top of the modem. This did not help anyway. The second technician did not want to climb his ladder at night and so told me he was scheduling another technician to come and complete the work today. He assured me he had scheduled the work to be done and that I didn't need to be there, just to leave the gate to the backyard unlocked. I called this morning at 10am to make sure the third technician was on his way. I was told by a rude and shortspoken telephone rep that someone was due to come still and that they had not already been and left, as I feared not having unlocked the gate. I unlocked the gate and waited. At 4pm I called to see if he or she was still coming. The telephone rep. told me he would investigate and call me back in five minutes. Half an hour later I called again. This phone rep. told me that the order had been closed by the second technician, stating that there was no access to the backyard due to a locked gate, which I had opened for him right in front of him. He had not scheduled another technician. The phone rep I called at 10am this morning had lied to me, not even opening my file. The sales rep who originally called me to pitch this product was some snotnosed kid who listens to too much Edge radio. He fairly ma*t*rb*&ed in my ear selling me this bundle. I put up with it, since I was sick of spending all my change at the internet cafes. My connection is no good. I can't watch news clips or youtube or anything beyond very basic text and I have been abused and lied to by Bell representatives. I thought I was supporting a people's corporation, rather than feeding into the fat belly of an individual by the name of Ted Rogers and I've been very badly burned.

  • Su
      1st of Dec, 2010
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    We decided to go with Bell Internet Services because we have a phone package with them and I thought this would be an easy process. Boy was I ever wrong...Half an hour on the phone with the sales woman trying to upsell me everything under the sun, she was new so she wasn't sure where to put anything and no one seemed to want to help her out on the other end as she kept saying to me "Please be patient, bare with me" So I did. I asked her 3 times to put a comment in for the Tech guy that he is to call the apartment phone number when he's at the front door because our buzzer does not work. She confirmed it was there. So saet up date was scheduled and we were excited to have our internet between 5pm-9pm he was scheduled to come by. I got home from work at 5pm and waited until about 8pm, then I decided to call Bell and make sure the guy was still coming "Yes, he just recieved the call to come to your house 20min ago, he should be there shortly". So I waited until 9:45pm...No Tech guy??? I called Bell back, they put me on hold for about 15 minutes, only to tell me that the guy just recently wrote a comment saying no access...NO ACCESS???? Could I have been any more clear?? I called, I left notes, I called back to check up, what's going on with their service? The guy I was talking to joked and said he was probably tired and just made the comment up and went home! Are you kidding me? I cancelled an appointment, missed a day at the gym, and did NOTHING for 5hrs after work!!!
    Then it gets better, they can't schedule another guy to come hook it up for another WEEK! Nothign they can do about it they say, no discount? no rushed service? no nothing, and I have to spend another day sitting around waiting for another one of their oh so reliable Tech guys to show up at my apartment...I will never recommend anyone to use Bell.
    Thanks Bell, you suck!

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