Belk / store management

AL, United States

I have worked for Belk for almost 10 years. I loved working there for a while. Now I hate it. The local managers are put under a lot of pressure by corporate to get credits opened. Charge cards drive our stores. Without them, Belk would go under. The money they make off the cards is incredible. No money is put into the stores for updates, cleaning or for additional employees. Our restroom is nasty, our dressing rooms are filthy, for some reason the floors are carpets and are full of "who knows what". All corporate cares about is selling credit. An employee can be terminated or have their salary cut significantly if credit goals are not made. It is insane. If the general public knew how sorry a company Belk was to work for, they would probably start shopping somewhere else. To corporate, we are all just cattle, associates and local store and department managers. They cannot be pleased.

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