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MR. BELHASA needs to WAKEUP!!!

The current management at Belhasa is running the company on manipulation, bad-mouthing, back-stabbing with lots and lots of internal politics, which the managing director is completely unaware of.

The general manager of the company: AZIM, is the leader of manipulation and politics. He is discriminating on the grounds of religion, colour, and caste.

To safeguard his own position in the company, AZIM does not let anyone look good in front of the Managing Director. AZIM will remove anyone, who is a threat to his job-position. He will bad-mouth them to the MD, and infact, even put allegations on the employee, and get them removed from the company.

The Managing director of the company (son of Dr. Ahmed Belhasa), has no idea how the manipulated Azim is using him, to run the company on his own terms.

Mr. Belhasa (Jr.) please wake up and smell the coffee...your father did a great job in running the company by taking interest in every little detail. He knew who were assets in his company. Dont let your AZIM manipulate you. WAKEUP !!!


  • A
      Aug 26, 2009

    I completely agree to the above.

    I faced a similar issue with the company, and I was forced to leave.

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  • E
      Sep 08, 2009

    completely agree to the above

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  • W
      Jul 14, 2010

    i disagree to APA, because of i know this APA well, she is the reason for all wherever she works (her full name is Aysha Parveen Sirajuddeen)

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