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Belhasa Drviving Center / Worst customer support

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I registered myself with BDC (Belhasa Driving center) in January this yr and I’ve been asked for a waiting period of 3 month. After three month I’d to visit several times to BDC office and request the BDC staff to start my classes and somehow my class started in May even I’d to choose the odd time for the training classes, I’d requested for morning 9 O’clock class at the time of registration but I’d been said that I’d have to be given the classes according to belhasa schedule and classes on my choice cannot be given and it may take another 2 month. Somehow with the understanding of the instructor I managed. They don’t entertain any phone calls and this is not possible to visit the office everytime for silly things. This is the worst system. There is no value for others.

I got myself registered in KARAMA branch and my registration number and after my first road test the center got transferred to NAD AL-HAMER. After 25 – 27 days I’ve been given classes again. And this time I’ve asked to pay for 8 classes but after the eight classes I didn’t get test schedule and been asked to take two more classes and later on two more. I completed 12 classes but still no road test information. I’ve been asked by Sheereen (lady in Karama office) to stop my classes. I stopped my classes but visited the karama office everyday for my road test.

Finally I got road test on 5th Aug. But unfortunately I couldn’t clear the test. Same day I visited karama branch and requested them to transfer my file to AL-WASAL as NAD Al-HAMER is far and next day they gave me the new registration number of AL WASEL branch. but on 18th Aug I received a message that I’ve road test in NAD AL-HAMER. I got surprised and visited karama office for the confirmation and explained to them, I’ve been asked to attend the road test.

When I was in NAD AL-HAMER I’ve received the call to clear my account and I’ve been asked to pay a huge amount.

1. After my 12 classes they delayed to get road test date, (branch has to manage a road test but they failed instead asked to visit the HO to get the schedule) so I’ve been asked to pay for 6 more classes that I didn’t attend (I’d been asked to stop my classes)= AED 360/- and I'd to pay for their fault
2. They didn’t stop m file in system so the payment for another 12 classes+road test= AED 790.00. I had to pay just for their mistake. I'd been confirmed that my file has been transfered and I visited the new branch twice for my classes. what the procedure they have to follow how can a student know about.

I met the customer care in NAD AL-HAMER and after the discussion she suggested that since it’s in my account so I’ll have to pay and continue here only. This is ridiculous. How anyone can be compelled to pay for others mistake. Finally I’d to pay a huge amount for nothing. I don’t know what level of management it is. It was their mistake that they didn’t stop the file in system and I’ve been penalized. I’d been said after giving the new registration number of AL WASAL to go to AL WASAL after 3-4 days. Specially in karama office the customer service is extremely bad and the behavior is unacceptable. For any services whether it’s to start a class or to get some information, we have to beg. We people are paying for the service but need to beg for the same.

With the interference of the customer care my classes started again and I attended two sessions and again I received a call from the branch that I need to bring my file from NAD AL-HAMER to karama branch to continue my classes. How its possible to bring my own file from HO to branch and branch to HO. We are the working professional and somehow manages our time to get classes. This is such worst customer service I've ever seen in my life. Please please if some is planning to take classes from BDC, think again and again and change you mind.

I really feel ###ed with the service and attitude of the customer service. Since morning I keep calling the customer service but no answer. I've kept on hold for 45 mints and than disconnected the call.

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  • Th
      11th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am also agree with this post and there is no doubt that Customer Service of Belhasa Jebel Ali branch is also extremely bad. Even behavior of their Office Manager is also vry awkward and rough with their customers. BDC senior authorities should take serious action in this connection. Thanking you.

  • Sy
      22nd of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    10000% true what Mujahid Pasha was said, especially with jebel ali branch . No proper response, they are working as customer care prof ... "if they doesn't have the answer for our question" suddenly they drop our phone or saying 'I Don't Know'. so people if you planned to go to belhasa don't go.

  • Ah
      28th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I've opened a file on December for 75 days waiting period (Automatic) in Al-Quoz branch, but still not get any call from BELHASHA DRIVING CENTER, Al-Quoz branch. When I called to Al-Quoz branch about this problem the cutomer service said to contact to Mr, Sanjeeb.I've tried several time to contact Mr. Sanjeeb about my class but he never picked-up the phone & always said from the customer service that he is on lunch. So, I dont know when my class will be started. Please reply soon about my problem.

  • Da
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    oh yehhhhh belhasa is really very annoying & sad institute...guys n gals believe me please !!! think twice or thrice before joining this type of institute...the reason is, if ur a beginerthey wil say u to join 40 classes n then followed by internal assesment test n finally ur road test..but this is not actually the scene is...they will again tell to continue after ur assessment test 12 to 28 classes til u get the date of ur final test.. since mine was friday classes, that means 40 +28 is 68 classes only b4 ur road that fair ???????
    by this time i spend around 7140 heart was on my mouth, sorry Belhasa im not that richhhhhhh...n after i failed my first road test they told to continue 8 more classes b4 my 2nd road test...i was lucky enough to pass on my 2nd road test...but wat about otherssss who still struggling to get thier licence...BRIBE IS PROHIBITED IN DUBAI SO IT IS THE ALTERNATIVE WAY TO TAKE IT !!! THEY WILL CHARGE U WATEVER THEY WANT BY INCREASING UR CLASSES EVEN IF UR A GUD DRIVER...belhasa SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Ro
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I absolutely agree with all of you. the management doesn't know anything about how to deal with customers, but they are great with arguments and giving the customers a headache. I also registered in dec 2008 n it's 2010 already, this is ridiculous. I specifically asked this guy Sanjeev before going going to pakistan in july, that how long will it take to restart my classes again and he said just call me a day before and because he said that i left for 10days and on my return i called him the next day, it took him 2 1/2 months to start my class again. I ignored and ignored their mistakes, but they do no inform you about anything, argue with that too very rudely, all they do is sit their and don't do their jobs. Giving us stress and just wasting our time. It is because of them if i fail, eventhough my instructors told me i drive well. This is no doubt the worst experience anyone could have. Im not going to stop here if they fail me definately will be reporting them to the higher authority, give these senseless people a reality check.

  • Ro
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Have u guys noticed something, all of these complains are from muslims! o.m.g the management is being racist!! we need to report this so action can be taken, we deserve more than a apology!

  • Ka
      9th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    everything is ok.staff ok.but one complaint i m fail two test.some guys fail 5times test.pls help me.road test bring this RTA.test bring this rat-inspecter same .not change.but one test bring this rta inspector he knows this.2nd thime other person he told him other mistake.this is not good.pls help me

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