Belecara / Juvederm and breast augmentation

1 Clarkview rd, Towson, MD, United States

Awful experience . I got juvederm injected it changed the bottom of my face, making it too full and rounded, needed it removed. Dr Cohen continued to argue with me making comments about how I should take medication for anxiety, that it was fine, instead of being sensitive to someone that just had something done to their face in their office that went wrong. When I finally convinced him to remove it, he didn't numb me, he told me he didn't have time, made me wait 40 mins to be seen, when he could have numbed me then, shoved the biggest looking needle in my face, hardly mentioned the details of the procedure, didn't care, nor hardly addressed any of my concerns . He seemed unhappy and wanted to rush me in and out . Not to mention I got my boobs done there and it's only been about a couple months over a year, and one of them bottomed out a little, making them look less even and less deserable said he will fix it and charge minimal, but 3000$ was originally quoted .

Dec 31, 2015

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