Bees / Charge for no service

03/30/2017 client number:61326. Brakes, rotors, calipers. They said it would cost $1000.00 to fix all this. When I had this done last year, but they have no service on it, why? because they never did it last year either. I did have the brakes and rotors done last year, when they seized up on a Saturday, I took it back to bees and they said they would look at it on a Monday. Which they did and said I needed calipers, which they would do, because it was their mistake.. So being the loyal customer for 30 years or more, trusted that they would do it. Well I had another mechanic look at it on 03/30/2017 when I picked it up from bees because I declined the work for $1000.00. And he told me that my calipers are the same ones I have had on my truck for the past 17 years.!! So now it makes me wonder if they ever did anything to my truck when I took it in. The motor is still good but the rest of it not so good. I have 308, 000 on this truck...I love this truck...So for a loner they gave me a 2017 Silverado to drive because I really think they thought I would buy a new one. Well I was really thinking it might be time...But I will not now...Plus they charged me $195.00 for labor...For what??? I am still wondering that...Something needs to be done about the way they work their business and lying about how they did it...I am a woman and don't appreciate being taking advantage of when I have been loyal to them for 30+ years!!! I know some about vehicles I am old school and have worked on them in the 70's but now I have to rely on them and they took that trust and blew it!!! Ii want my $195.00 back but I had to pay it to get my truck...This is very wrong...

Mar 31, 2017

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