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I ordered 4 Iphone type phones in November of 2011. Arrived pretty quick (maybe happy to get rid of it). Then we found two of the 4 were faulty (only discovered the second one after Christmas as this was a gift - yes embarrassing). So I just received the first faulty phone back after 4 months of emails back and forward, and in the end I had to buy other phones as we could not be without phones for this period involved in solving the matter. I told Beebond this in time and advised them to replace the two faulty phones with another product as new phones were already purchased as they did not want to refund my money. Only to receive the first phone back this week. The second phone they did not sign for and did not respond to any of China Post's cards to call so it was returned to NZ, BUT now I have to pay again to get this faulty phone back. This is absurd and try calling them is one of the most horrible things I've ever attempted. So I have heaps of emails trying to resolve this matter without any luck. Stay away from this company. They are up to no good!!!


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