Bee Clean LLC, Bee Clean Home & Office Solutionsover charges for time not there, says she doesn't report income to irs

B Nov 15, 2017 Review updated:

Terrible house/office cleaning company that is not insured, over bills and specifically asks for cash and admits to not reporting income on her taxes. Gets terrible reviews on Yelp under one company name and then slightly changes then name and marks other business as closed. She will charge you $75/hour to clean your house with your own produces. Uses the same dirty Shark cleaner on your floors that she used on the house before you. Doesn't have any equipment and uses your own cleaning products. Carries no insurance and not bonded so when she steals from you there is no recourse. Do your homework before you waste your time with the owner Bernadette Banaria who will preach to you about her military background and Karma while she overbills you and doesn't pay her taxes.


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      Mar 23, 2018

    You are a scum Mr. Brent! We serviced your home & was patient with your abusive was for 2 years & we finally couldn’t take it anymore & refuses your to service you & you wanna post ugly comments about us. We do file taxes & I don’t need to prove anything to you. You use to pay me by check & You are the one who wanted to pay us cash. I have proof & records of your check & pictures of how much dirt we get from your house. Ya... you’re a total liar & that’s why you steal people’s money for a living!

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