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Become 21 / Fake identification

United Arab Emirates Review updated:
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This company alleges that they are the best company around providing fake/novelty identification. They claim that the turn around time is 1 week from time of receipt of payment. I sent them my payment, like an idiot, on July 26, 2007 and haven't heard from them sent. I have sent several emails with no response. Talk about a big scam!!


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A  20th of Aug, 2007 by 
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This site is a complete scam, they used to be efakeid.com

Do not send your money here, you re just gonna get it stolen and never returned. Luckily I caught their mistakes before I sent payment. Also they don't accept money orders, only cash. And we all know that sending cash in the mail is completely stupid.
N  17th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Become 21 - Fraud, don't use them!
United States

Send payment about a month and a half ago like an idiot. Tried to email them and nothing happened, do not use them!!!
N  21st of Sep, 2007 by 
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Become 21 - Fraud and cheating!
United States

THIS IS A TOTAL HOAX. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I saw their website and used it and like an idiot sent off the money ($100 + $30 express) and have never heard from them again except for automated emails that say "we'll get back to you"... BULLS**T. And thennn I saw the EXACT SAME WEBSITE only under F-a-k-e-i-d.com... like the website was exactly the same, word for word, picture by picture, except it said f-a-k-e-i-d.com at the top instead of become 21. It is like a whole ring of websites that scam people and I'm a freaking du***ss for falling for it and I don't think anyone else should have to, either.
A  24th of Sep, 2007 by 
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i completely agree this site is so f****ed up, we ordered 2 of them total cost of $216 aus dollars. i hope every1 reads this coz become21 or f-a-k-e-i-d are a*sholes
A  28th of Sep, 2007 by 
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i absolutely agree. i used the site a few months ago and sent $129 for an i.d. and express shipping. i figured that my money order wouldn't work because it wasn't international. so i didn't even expect to get an i.d. in the mail at all. but i just got it in the mail today. it's a piece of paper the size of a credit card. with my picture on it, my information listed on it and a cartoon picture of a car. soooooo ridiculous to even look at. it's actually cracking me up. do not use this site. they've completely changed their website and they have a bunch of fake rating sites all over the internet. do not use it.
A  11th of Oct, 2007 by 
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I say we go over there and burn these mother###ers houses down, lets find em!!!
A  16th of Oct, 2007 by 
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Received something from them but was bs.
A  22nd of Oct, 2007 by 
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Crap I bought a ID from this guy also. With the website www.i-d-e-n-t-i-t-y.net . Heres the address:
Shanee Britz
P.O. BOX 31238
Dubai, UAE
So I guess I got scammed too. Site seems very legit.
A  15th of Dec, 2007 by 
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I am so mad, i lost my money!
N  11th of Mar, 2008 by 
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If you want the real deal, let me know. I'll get you in touch with a true ID guy.
A  22nd of Sep, 2008 by 
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Thank God I found a hook up locally, IF anyone needs LET ME KNOW! I can hook you up, dont trust these MOFO's !!!

ALL THESE FAKE ID SITES ARE SCAMS - PEOPLE! dont waste your money on these ###s! they setup fake websites TRUST me all fake ###! I have been ripped of 3 times by 3 different websites and so have a few friends of mine!!!

N  26th of Sep, 2008 by 
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We carry all states and provinces of novelty ids that all match the book. All holograms/ UAV are made specifically for each state and are the exact same holograms/UAV that are on the actual Id's. Our ids are superb under backlight tests and we print on pvc cards. All templates are consistently updated. One novelty Id (including university card) is $100 and accept cash orders only sorry for inconvenience. Turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks. We are not a scam, we work for you.

Please do not hesitate to email with any further questions.


These are novelty ids and are for novelty and entertainment purposes only, not for use to buy alcohol or do any illegal actions for your age.
N  25th of Feb, 2009 by 
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tylersnoveltyids@hotmail.com <--- This guy TYLER is a SCAM!!


To be honest all these so called "Fake ID websites" are just rip offs, these ###ing losers are trying to make some smart cash by ripping off people like us looking for some easy fakes. They ask for money and stop replying to your emails the moment you have transfered them the cash.

Anyway, I went back to my hometown and found a guy who is into printing, he did the job for me quite well, and I didn't even pay him much. Thank God .. but the fact that these ID sites ripped me off really sucks. Anyway, anyone who's looking for fakes I could hook you all up if you need let me know. Cheers!

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