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BeautifulHalo / shipping-item never arrived

1 United States

Well, over a month ago (october 23rd 2018) I ordered a sweater from the beautiful halo site, I remembered recently that I had made this order and my item had not shown up yet, so then I went to their site to track my order. It said my order was shipped. I checked all the information available on my order and it would seem it was shipped on october 26th. Since it is now november 25th and I have not had the item delivered to me yet, that raises the question: where is the sweater I ordered? I doublechecked my order information, I did in fact type the correct address. Could it have been misdelivered? Stolen? Perhaps it has not even arrived yet? Or perhaps I have been scammed by the people at beautiful halo and it will never arive? Its been over a month, shouldnt it be here by now? I checked the order times on the website, even with the cheapest shipping option that I payed for, it should of been here at my home over two weeks ago. Then I found this site and read stories of people being scammed by beautiful halo, with their orders never arriving or not being able to refund purchases that their unhappy with. Is it possible? Have I been scammed? Will I never get that cute sweater that I ordered from this enigmatic site? Have they taken my cash money without intention of giving me the object on their site which I most coveted, the item I ordered, feeling impatient for its arrival, the arrival which still has not occured? Will I ever get my pink and blue nasa sweater that I have waited for for such a long over a month? If they are a scam, and I never do get my sweater, will I ever get my money back? If it is a scam, how could they do such a horrid thing? Taking peoples cash money and misleading them, with no intentions of fulfilling their promises and delivering the products that their custumers buy? I have no answer currently for any and all of these questions, and that itself can be considered a issue-

Kaia m.
Internet user

Nov 25, 2018

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