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Kim Ferrugia, owner and designer at Beautiful Photo Props, located in Missouri, Springfield, United States, isn’t professional, she doesn’t respect the shipping time, and the products she delivered to me were different from what I ordered on her internet site
It took ages for the new package to be delivered after several calls and emails and every time ahe said that the correct package will be sent shortly.
I wouldn't recommend her yo anyone. Unprofessional and no respect for the shipping time. I could just have found a btter service with cheaper prices. She only cares about money, she has even been rude to me in the phone saying that I am harrasing her while all I wanted is to receive what I have paid for.

Jan 28, 2015
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      Mar 24, 2015

    The "review" by "Ines Ben" is a scam. This is a false review from someone trying to extort money from me for reputation management. This person has not been my customer. The scam is to post bad reviews and then extort the business into having them removed. If you look at their account you will see that they've left a ton of "bad" reviews against other companies across the world and there's no way they could have been in all of those locations at the same time :(

    To read more about how this scam works:

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