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This is my first time seeing a salon so dirty & unhygienic. It is located in International Building at Orchard Road. Salon name is called Beaumax. Read on to know why i said this. I went there to try out their Brazilian waxing that i got on a deal online. Seeing its a good deal, i purchased and book an appointment over this salon.

When i reached there i find that the place is really clean and relaxing. And one of the worker there greeted me nicely and i was then told to wait in one of their rooms (specially for waxing i guess). As i entered the room the girl who leaded me into the room asked me to change to a white gown that was hanged on the wall . And told me to wash up & wait for the beautician to serve me.

Now this is the part! After washing up myself i looked around on all the equipment's they placed on the trolley (serums, oils, waxing tools) and what caught my eye is the tweezers which they placed in a holder together with the spatulas for waxing. Guessed what i saw? GROSS! I don 't know what hair is that still sticking onto the tweezers! Don't they clean or best sanitize it before they use on next customer?? Oh my god this is so bad i said to myself in disgust.
Not only that, after seeing this i was like 50/50 to proceed with this treatment deal.

And as i sat down on the salon bed thinking about what i saw, another thing caught my eye. The towels that were used to cover the bed is so dirty! I was so pissed off after this and called the girl who send me to the room earlier on and told her about what i saw and she apologized. I also asked how often do they wash the towels and i was appalled to hear her answering in mandarin "Oh my boss says that we only wash it once in a while when the towels gets really dirty because she say must save electric and the dryer very expensive if use everyday." What else should i say after hearing this from one of the worker there??

Get to know that the beautician that is going to serve me is the boss there named Chloe. I didn't wait for her to serve me in fact i changed back to my clothes and went out. Luckily i get to refund on the deal i purchase. Oh my god this is such a bad experience! Hope you guys will check & look around before proceeding any treatments anywhere.

Not recommended to anyone.
Located at International Building Orchard.
Salon name BeauMax.

Beaumax Pte Ltd

Mar 8, 2014
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      8th of Mar, 2014


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  • Be
      30th of Jun, 2014

    Hi Ms Tester,

    Thanks for your feedback and reviews.

    We saddened that you had a bad experience in our beauty salon- BeauMax Pte Ltd (Singapore).

    We are one of the beauty salon with highly maintain standards of hygiene.

    We checked our pass six month records, and we can't find a transaction that sounds like this.

    We would love to speak with you and see how we can better address your concerns. Kindly please email us directly at

    [protected] for your contact detail. We will arrange for a customer care specialist to be in touch with you.

    Thank you

    Best Regards

    BeauMax Team

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