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This is a complaint against a person named Beatrice on this site she made a complaint against chip coffey without ANY proof beside the "message" that he/she could of wrote her self and the account that supported her said all ONLY have ONE activity on it and its posting on hes/her complaint this can be removed if its not allowed to complain against another member but i fail to see anyway this is a real complaint.I have put the link to the complaint in the website area

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  • Da
      Oct 16, 2009

    Like I said to Beatrice, I feel that Chip Coffey gives me bad vibes. Im psychic, it runs in my family, I sense people characters, even if I'm far away, if they good or a creepy and I'm always right. I do not have enough grounds to stand on, but I'm sure somebody will, I would even not mind adding him to my friends list, because I rather be polite. I'm aware of his wrong doings and my friends, which come from psychic families are also aware of him. My friends say he is a power tripper and opportunist, however, I will not take sides, I feel he is kind creepy, I do not feel comfortable going near him, he seems to have alot to hide, I do not trust him giving readings to me, I do believe he is psychic, medium and much more, Like I said somebody, I do not who, will have solid grounds to stand.

    Dan in New England

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