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southern suburb, Mitchells Plain, Promenade


Service delivery and customer service

i recently purchase a laptop at Beares furniture store, it was advertised with a samsung star mobile phone. the purchase was made on May the 28th 2011. i have enquire why i did not received the mobile phone but no substantiated answer was given, however they had alot of excuses namely they were out of stock. On saturday the 25th of June 2011, i however again enquire and still they exclaimed they will replace it with another phone..i can not fanom the thought why Beares advertised the product but there are no stock available..hence saying when i enquire with the manager regarding the matter she had a non-chalant attitude..what really frustrated me is how Beares when they need a sale they will treat you like a king but when they have attain the sale, they disregard the follow up was done by sales person or management regarding this matter...i will definately never purchase at a Beares store again, i will exclaimed to all friends and contacts about the bad service i experienced at the store not to mention when i ask them if i can receive i statement via mail they exclaimed that they were cost cutting and they will send me a statement every second month. sheveiro petersen

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