Beam Capital Managementridiculous

Ba Dec 11, 2018 New York, NY

I don't know how to trust an investment company that didn't introduce their team.
Would you trust a company that introduced just one person who's a senior manager? If yes, then why? Do you think it's enough to mention just one of them?
I will explain why I don't.
First of all, I doubt that Mohannad Aama is the only person working at this company. There are probably more people, but I have no idea why the heck they weren't mentioned. At least it's so unfair to them.
The second reason is that it's more than important to see who stands behind the company. What experience those people have, what they look like, what they do, where they studied, what projects they worked on and so on. That's how you can have a full picture of a company to make a decision whether you want to collaborate or/and invest or not.
I see that Beam Capital Management doesn't give a crap about it. It's sad.
PS It doesn't even matter if they are legit or not. Making mistakes like that is ridiculously stupid.

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