Beachwood Resort / Bad selling practices

1 Blaine, United States

My nightmare
with the people at Beachwood Resort in Blaine started at Camping World of
Burlington. During the months of February, March and April I was constantly
called by this lady to have the chance to enrol or obtain a membership buying a
2000 dollars package and with it to have access to more than 200 Cost to Coast
Good Sam resorts for only a 10 bucks a night. Which after all was a false,
tricky and misleading information. (That was the first deceit…)

That lady at
Camping World wanted to meet my wife and I on her office of Burlington and
there we’ll have from her a total and non-compromised selling of the plan
offered by Camping World, or was not?. (Here was the second lie or pretence)

When I
accepted her invitation she suddenly changed her approach and now she is no
going to meet us, instead she set a meeting with a coordinator in situ (at the
Beachwood Resort in Blaine, Wed. July 9th 2014). I must say that was
third sham.

We find out
later, to our big regret, that all of the talking and confusion created by them
initiated by the lady at Camping World who called me in numerous occasions to
sell a bogus membership to the pushing coordinators, to my regret as I said,
all was indeed a repulsive and devilish catch to sell memberships at the
Beachwood Resort.

And the tricks
or bad practices have to continue; they have to sell you a membership at all

Once in the
meeting, there was NOT a 2, 000 dollars package on the table of negotiations,
but instead the coordinators (not one but three of them) offered a 6, 995
dollars rip-off and because they were so ‘generous’ the package was reduced
(the guy who made that offer was salivating, I think his name is Brent) to a
bargain price of 4, 895.15 US dollars, and they were so pushy. They don’t give
you time to think.

We felt very
much pressured from these salespeople (mainly two of them, Judy and Brent) to
sell us the package and unfortunately with our deep regrets we fell for it. At
one moment, the guy named Brent told us that Judy has no experience as a salesperson,
in other moment Judy told us that she has 20 years of experience, go figure it.

In sums, all
of that was the fourth scheme from those people.

The next
morning and more relaxed at home, we reviewed all documents enclosed in the
package and after reading very carefully the big and especially the small
letters we decided to cancel the deal, which according to their own rules we
were allowed to do so within the three business days frame time since we signed
the documents of sale.

So, that day
(July 10th 2014) very early we started to call the principal
salesperson in order to communicate our final decision. We tried calling Judy
many times, we left a message, we sent an e-mail with cc to the woman at
Camping World.

On the
afternoon of that day, the salesperson, Judy, finally phoned back and we told
her of our final decision, although she already knew since she had read my

She did not
take it very well on the phone, so during our conversation and without any
further explanation, she demanded us to travel back again to their site only
because we have to return the whole documentation enclosed in the package and
then and only then should they proceed to complete the cancellation.

There was no
information on how we have to proceed to finalize the cancellation, she
obviously and by training kept secret some crucial information, and that my
friends was the fifth plot coming right up.

Judy was not
happy at all, but since we did not change our decision to cancel the deal, she
as well changed her niceties, those niceties that she showed the day before and
now it was a different person. She was someone more difficult to deal with, now
she began to use another strategy borrowed perhaps from their never end crate
of obscurantisms, this last one was to delay the process in order for you to
give up or for the three business days to pass or expire without any resolution
and then you have no chance to get your money back. That was the fifth plot in
progress at this point.

That day, July
11th, when we drove back to Beachwood Resort, a very tense Judy welcomed us in a tiny room, she wanted the
whole package including all documents an brochures back to her at once.

After she
received back the package, we politely asked her what we should do now and that
is when she dropped the bomb and told us that according to regulations and
policies imposed by the organization, she could do nothing, absolutely nothing
to proceed with the cancellation.

Now she was telling us something that she failed to inform
us the day before when we called her to notify them about our decision.

Now just now,
we learned that the protocol to follow in order to have my money back was for
us to write a letter of cancellation at home and then, she told us, send it by
certified mail to the administration office located in the same site.

She warned us;
You can’t do this action in person, no e-mails are accepted, no phone calls are
allowed, no salespeople will intervene…, it has to be a letter and has to be
certified by mail and properly dated within the three business days.

The fifth plot
has not stopped yet and the untruthful selling practices are still at work. At
that point we were absolutely certain that we were dealing with a very crooked

Anyways, at
this point we were in angst so the very same day, July 11th on the
afternoon, we prepared the cancellation letter with all details and
justifications, then we run to the local Canada Post office to place the letter
in a ‘Xpressport’ envelope which is the certified mail used by Canada to deal
with USA new rules.

The enveloped
was date stamped that day and addressed to ‘SPRI 5001 Bay Road, Blaine WA.

It cost me
another $25.10 Canadian dollars, but we complied with one of their tricky

They knew and
expected that we have to find multiple obstacles to get our money back, but
that is not all, they are vindictive people and they want to humiliate you to
extreme, they want you to pay the price.

See what

The next days
we kept checking the mail delivering process by following the reference number
assigned to our certified letter by Canada Post and we found that ‘SPRI’
received our mail as follows:

2014/07/15 15:10 98230, USA
Item successfully delivered -

On my decent
world, honourable people reply with a note of acknowledgment or perhaps the
considerate fellows give a quick phone call or if the time is too tight a brief
e-mail note will suffice.

But these
people of ‘SPRI’ are not part of my world and in their supreme arrogance they
never made any attempts to communicate with us. They never did, they never do.

Then after
being ignored for three days already, let me tell you: they have my telephone
number, my home address, my e-mail address…, one of my first two questions
which came to mind were:

- To whom this
‘SPRI’ group is associated with?

- Do these
associates know what SPRI is misleading many people and trying to keep money in
their coffers that doesn’t belong to them?

I know for
fact that the person who lured me into this botched adventure (her name is Linda)
was or still is part of the Camping
World organization, so my approach was in the direction to have a chat with a
big cheese who may control these organizations such as Camping World or Good
Sam and this individual it was revealed to me during my broad search, was no
other person than Mr. Marcus Limonis.

But, after
many hours spending in the Internet looking and trying to get the required
information my task was a complete failure.

I could not to
find Mr. Marcus Limonis e-mail address. By now, I was feeling the stress and I
was not alone, so was my wife. An unacceptable situation, causing so much
apprehension on us.

Then by no
means I thought, somewhere to somebody, I have to report my complains in
writing and by using those means I will share to as many people as I could, the
bad faith and sickening tactics proved by the Beachwood Resort or SPRI’s

On Friday, July
18, I found a page that I
believed it was associated with Camping World, where it was possible to make
comments and complaints are permited. Oh gosh, what a relive (for a brief

There I placed
a short note with my disgraceful experience having with
SPRI. Although, I knew the impossible of intent but the note was addressed to
Marcus Limonis.

I don’t really
remember which Internet page was the one I found that day but I though that I
found the right one. My guesses were right, my note did concern some people
there and later that day (Friday), somehow Bruce Hoster, the President of
Coast to Coast, was reading my note.

He immediately replied to my e-mail address expressing his
concerns, his unhappiness and promised me that he will contact the owner of
Beachwood Resort (I have no idea who
he/she is) to intervene in order to find a prompt solution to my struggle. That
e-mail has a cc addressed, Eileen McKee at Good Sam. He will come back to me
next week with some answers, he told me.

On Monday, July 21st Bruce Hoster e-mailed me back again to communicate that
the owner of Beachwood Resort has assured him that they will refund the money within the
next two weeks (!).

What? I replied to Bruce and Eileen, that is simple obscene.

They took a couple minutes to charge 4, 895.15 US dollars to my MC credit
card and they are permitted to drag their feet for another two weeks to do the
right thing and return the moneys that don’t belong to them?.

There was no
response from Bruce, neither from Eileen, there are no comments from Linda at
Camping World, and there is no communications from the mysterious owner of
Beachwood Resort.

I guess Marcus
Limonis is still in the dark with what his ‘children’ are doing to honest

In sum, what a
pile of crap: Camping World, Good Sam, Coast to Coast and Beachwood Resort all
together. "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell who you are"
(Mexican Proverb)

is July 31st 2014 this is the day number 22 since we decided to
cancel the membership with Beachwood Resort. They don’t want to return money
that is not theirs showing their true colours and screwing honest people. Their
associates turning the eye to another direction while they are perfecting their
dirty tricks. Nice to go Good Sam and Camping World.

now to add insult to injury, I just received the MC credit card statement where
they are asking to pay 5, 357.71 Canadian dollars due to the dishonest acts
performed by the people or even the owner of Beachwood Resort.

should acted in good faith and returned the 4, 895.10 US dollars many days ago
then I do not have to waste another 462 Canadian dollars on top of the fee I
paid for the certified envelope detailed earlier in this letter.

I miss any adjective to call those people at Beachwood Resort? Please help me
there, thanks.



Jul 31, 2014

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