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Beachbody / customer service

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BOD was on the challenge pack list that I purchased. I was sent an email (2/1) that my product was backed up and soon would ship. Just the day before I had learned that there were 2 flavors of recover. I thought there was only orange. When I called to check the flavor of my order, I requested to change it. I was told I could not, even though I just received the email explaining that my order would not ship for at least 2 days. There was a BIG deal made about it and finally the order was changed. My 80 Day Obsession kit arrived weeks later.

Today, I called customer service b/c I am having trouble accessing the BOD that was on the list of the challenge pack I ordered. My husband is a member and has purchased BOD. It's wired in the house, so I have access to workouts. I wanted my own password so I could access BOD on my phone, separate from his account, since I felt like I had purchased it. I do not personally have access to BOD, at this time. Customer service rep TRISH didn't seem to understand what I was saying. She passed me off to Alan, who 'defined the coach dashboard' for me and told me my 'coaching resources' were there. What does that have to do with BOD access? When I was confused about him offering information that had nothing to do with my complaint, he began to raise his voice and speak over me - several times. He just kept saying, "it's not" (in the package). How much sense does that even make? Someone orders a challenge pack & you don't give them access to the workouts? as a coach? Paying $15/month to be a coach?

This is the 3rd time I can emphatically say that I was NOT helped by your customer service team. Previously, there was some confusion about my shakeology order, where I used the ap to change the flavor of my powder - and received additional orders, instead. I had so many extra bags of the product that I had to temporarily discontinue my shakeology orders. Before that, I had ordered BOD for $99; but had been set up to pay quarterly, instead (which costs more). Your customer service rep tried NOT to address that issue when I asked about it. I had to literally say, "change the quarterly payment option for BOD to $99 that I ordered." Do you think the representative gave me credit for the money I had already paid for BOD? Nope. He helped you keep the money I had already paid, then charged me additional $99, anyway. Do you think that was the RIGHT thing to do?

I am an ER nurse - and Certified Health Coach. I help clients learn to have an appropriate relationship with food, safely exercise, and i assess/reassess for fitness, in order to help them safely exercise. I spend 6-12 months coaching my clients to healthy habits. Through Beachbody products, I lost 25 pounds last year. I enjoy your products - and my coach group ROCKS!!! I am contemplating Beachbody as an exit strategy at the end of our 6-12 month healthy behavior transition.

I have a fantastic reputation within my still small circle. I am taking steps to expand. I am VERY LEARY about offering Beachbody to my clients, at this point. Your customer service will reflect on me, if I've recommended your products to people who trust me. So far, I have NO reason to believe you will take good care of my precious clientele.


Feb 13, 2018

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