Beach Automotive Groupservice department

On 8/14/16 I had my Ford Fusion in for maintenance and at that time I told them I heard a rumbling in rear end. They inspected it and said it was a rear wheel bearing. They "said" they replaced it, but just a few days later the moise returned. I'm not sure they even fixed it and may have just lubed it up.
I returned there on 8/15/16 and they took me on a road test and told me it was uneven tire wear. "WHAT BULL" I asked them if they rotated the tires as required, why was it uneven tire wear? He didn't have an answer. I asked if it was uneven tire wear, why wasn't i hearing the same noises on front tires?? NO ANSWER.
I've been driving for over 50 years and I knew there was an issue.

On next maintenance service, i told them about it and it wasn't even addressed and not even put on service report.
On 1/17/18 I took it in AGAIN & told them about the rumbling in rear & they noted that the Rear Brake Shield was bent & they bent it back.
All this time the vehicle was under warranty, but the rumbling continued.
I finally had it with Beach Automotive and took the car in for recall of steering wheel bolt to Conway Ford & had them look at rear end, i was told I had a 100.00 deductible just to look at it! I had to okay it and they immediately found a rear wheel bearing that was bad.
Over the past year and a half, I told Beach Automotive about the issue and now I HAVE TO PAY 100.00 for their incompetence. I WILL NEVER RETURN to BEACH AUTOMOTIVE, even though they are a lot closer to my home.
I have no respect for their leadership and may never buy another Ford product!

May 30, 2018

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