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1 2660 N. Santiago blvd. orange ca. 92867, Orange, United States
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Phone: (714)637=4575

[WARNING-WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU WORKING FOR HIM, OR BUYING PRODUCT] I Was introduced to Sunny, the owner of a building to do work for him, in one of the suites. ("not knowing at the time he was a person who doesn't pay":), and racist"). They had fired the previous person that was doing the work, it was six weeks behind, and needed a inspection to open. Taking on the job was a nightmare, It took 4/1/2 days, almost 97hrs to pass inspection. Upon finishing, Sonny was presented a bill for the work, including receipts, for material. He stated it was to much, and needed a report, so he could collect from the previous person doing the work. Upon receipt of report, he informed me to go to hell, and refused to pay, I stated I had used some of my own funds to get restaurant open, I have not heard from him, he stated I am not welcome at the location. And to get out. He proceeded to push, scream obscenity's at me, and still hasn't paid. Instead of sitting and coming to a remedy of the situation he rather get everything for free, and does not like to pay people. He also would make remarks such as you people are crooks, and you people are no good.( I happen to be Caucasian, and he is not). Again I believe he is a thief and childish.

Jan 12, 2015

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