BB and T BankMortgage Fraud/ /Dual Tracking/Foreclosure

My original mortgage lender was Liberty Mortgage ( subsidiary of BB and T Bank) They filed bankruptcy. BB and T is the servicer and I have an equity line with them. I'm in real estate and had a set back when the market tanked. I applied for Hamp in 2009 & was sent in circles sending document after document while BB and T bank did TWO foreclosures- UNKNOWN TO ME UNTIL 2/9/2014. This nightmare has been going on since 2010.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Raleigh, NCI have been requesting information for 2 years trying to get to the bottom of this! Most recently I was billed almost $2000 for a fee which turns out was foreclosure fees. This gives me the right to request more details. Mysteriously my loan disappeared from MERS and went from a Freddie MAC LOAN TO WHO KNOWS WHO. That prevented me from getting Hamp for any gov help. I was able to save my home through another program but that is a third lien on my house. Now that HAMP 3 is off the table- how will underwater borrowers like me get help? There are title issues as well. Has anyone else been wronged from BB and T? I would consider a lawsuit. Please email me.

Feb 11, 2015

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