Bayview Loan Servicing / they will rip you off pay attention

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If anyone has a problem with thier morgage with bayview loan servicing llc. please contact me at my email. as I will be filing a fedral law suit and Rico act against them. I have already won my first case and am working with attorneys. everything kept confidentual, My friend has also won his first case and now has filed a law suit and rico against them and thier corrupt lawyers. you will be asked to file an affidavit and show proof of your claim. They hold payments putting you delinkquint, charge late fees force insurance when you have it and it goes on.

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  • Jb
      24th of Oct, 2012

    Just as you, we are having serious issues with Bayview. I sent you a private message. We would like to join the class suit against Bayview.

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  • Be
      14th of Apr, 2013

    Curious about the progress on the class action. What is happening? I am a Bayview victim as well.

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  • Er
      30th of Oct, 2013

    Please contact myself and wife. Bayview increased our modified loan, to increase the payment in two months. [protected]

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  • Ea
      30th of Jan, 2014

    I have filed a Federal Lawsuit against Bayview in November and they are attempting to settle with me. Unfortunately it's not as high as I need it to be so I am continuing with my suit. Have you filed your suit yet? [protected] =)

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  • St
      6th of Mar, 2018

    @EatTheSharks Can you please tell me how you were able to file suit? I'm going through the same issue with Bayview and looking for help, went to court 1st time and they were attempting to ask the court for final foreclosure. 1st time up before the courts

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  • To
      10th of Feb, 2019

    @EatTheSharks What is your case name. I like to study about how you did it.

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  • Kn
      25th of Apr, 2014

    Bayview scammed me 8 years ago, still paying for it. I don't know if we would qualify for your lawsuit. Please provide contact information. katekyo.hitman.reborn.[protected]

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  • Lw
      3rd of Sep, 2014

    I too am having issues with bayview..would really like to join any action against this corrupt business..please contact at [protected] to access your email at this time..thanks in advance

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  • Am
      16th of Jan, 2015

    Do you have the president's email? to send him a letter

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  • La
      9th of Apr, 2018

    They been scamming me for the last 5 years, i need help desperately [protected]

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  • So
      25th of May, 2018

    Yes, I’ve been having problems with them for years too. Trying to steal my home.
    I have spent a fortune on lawyers. I could have had my house paid off. Starting with Chase, playing their evil games with me when originally trying to modify my loan in 2010 and its still going on. Yes! Please let me be part of this lawsuit. I have owned my home since 1994 .. a single mother and they are trying to steal all my equity ... Im worn out with this fight.
    Please lt me be part of it. Its been Chase, Bayview, HMC Assets and more. They have fraudulently tampered with my note and robo stamping of note.

    Thank you.
    I really hope you contact me .. I have tons and tons of evidence documents of the games they have been playing and ruining my life!

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  • Jc
      17th of Aug, 2018

    Bayview has been scamming my Mom for years and now at 80 years of age, she is facing losing her home. I would definitely like to see them get what they deserve. Contact Joe at [protected]

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  • To
      10th of Feb, 2019

    Did anyone file a lawsuit against them yet? I like to talk to u

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  • Vi
      8th of Apr, 2019

    These people are nothing but crooks!! Let's put them out of business!!!

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  • Rd
      15th of May, 2019

    How do we get in a part of this lawsuit I am currently having trouble with Bayville their put me and for closure with a sell date of May 21st 2019 people are undocking on my front door we've lived here for over 18 years and they just don't want to negotiate and are giving me a really hard time almost like a punishment because I'm playing phone tag with my assigned asset manager someone that has info please email me [protected]@GMAIL.COM

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