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After filling out an order form on their site I get an internal error asking me to run the form through "report filters" none of which can be found on the site.

I may not be a rocket scientist but if you cant find anything about an error in the help and FAQ files its probably not there. I check my transaction history to see if anything went through, low and behold a $403.00 USD charge pending.
The following day I call the company and get a generic "you must have typed you information wrong to get an error" so i confirmed that the transaction would not be processed, and placed the same order over the phone giving the rep a different E-mail to insure that i'll be notified about both transactions. I then today get an e-mail about the first transaction so I respond asking that it be canceled. Soon after i receive an e-mail just short of calling me an idiot from their customer/sales department. As far as i'm concerned this company and its halfasses customer/sales support can get bent. 3 dead end phone calls and 2 irritating e-mails later... i'll take my money to another company.

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      Aug 13, 2009

    Rolls eyes...I work for a company who also has to deal with people are arent too smart. We have this same issue every day 10 times a day. When your card declined. That company doesnt have your money. YES your funds are pending as you were going to make that purchase. As it was probably explained to you a few times...these are PENDING charges and are called "captured funds" and will roll off in a few business days. The company doesnt HAVE your money. When YOUR credit card is YOUR issue with YOUR bank...not the place you're trying to buy off? How is that so difficult to understand? The card will decline if your bank feels it is an odd purchase. They do this for security reasons for you...but us sellers are usually the ones who get cussed out for it! hahah! Makes me laugh! If it declines for frad reasons, its because YOU have entered incorrect info...either you dont know your own billing address (usually the case as it will be your previous address and you forgot thats the address you registered with the bank?!?!) or you put in your 3 digit code wrong..but suuuure go ahead...yell at the company you're buying from. hahaha! Im not surprised they emailed you making you feel like an idiot. I'd love to do that to some of my customers! LMAO! Most surely do deserve it as they are too ignorant to realise it is their own stupidity and THEN they choose to ignore us when we advise over...and over again that they are just captured funds and will drop back into their account.
    So your review makes me steam as you have now blast over the internet that that company were bad to deal with but an actual's not their fault you're not too smart?? fair is that???

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