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Baymont Inn and Suites / Wrongful Suspension

1 2203 S. 11th St.Kalamazoo, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 2693727999

I've been an outstanding employee at the Baymont Inn and Suites for the past 6 months. (As said by my manager.)
Upon coming into work the night of Tuesday, February 10, 2009 to punch in at midnight, I was attacked by a girl with a metal pipe who'd been waiting in the room for a half hour for me. Its all on surveillance tape. The girl waiting in the room, me entering, and getting attacked.
I went to the hospital with a dislocated shoulder along with bumps and bruises all over my arm and back, including a large welt to the back of my head.
The police so far have concluded that the attack was premeditated out of anger from a coworker that she has gotten demoted and I've been promoted.
The next day, out of the hospital, I call my manager to see if any information has come in. She informs me that the district manager came in, watched the tape of me getting attacked, talked to the girl who is suspected of setting it up, and has suspended us both.
Now, there is no evidence that I've done anything wrong. There is evidence that an angry coworker had me attacked on my shift, so why have I so far been suspended 2 weeks without pay???
I've tried getting ahold of the owner of the franchise who claims to "care about" his employees, but I've received not one call or letter indicating his interest in the attack taken place in HIS hotel.
I can't get anyone to give me written explanation of why I've been suspended, and everyone I've been trying to reach hasn't returned my calls. I don't deserve being attacked on the job, have had my sense of security taken away, AND to have been suspended without pay or explanation has severely inconvenienced and offended me.
It seems no one cares about the employees at Baymont.
I'm extremely disappointed to put so much into my work performance and to get treated like this.
I'm going to try and get my story out there because people need to know how negligent Baymont has been to its employees.

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