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Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals / Mirena IUD

1 Cranbury, NJ, United States Review updated:

Woman are not being warned properly of the SIDE EFFECTS of this IUD. As a Mirena User for 2 Years, I experienced: excessive weight gain, swollen lymph nodes/glands, blurred vision, hair loss, slurred speech, vertigo, dizziness, confusion, ADD, high blood pressure & edema. My 2nd year on Mirena I spent seeing 4 Different Dr.'s & Specialists. I even had "exploratory" surgery during this time (the Dr. went in to take a biopsy for lymphoma, but could not find the tumor that he had seen on the CT Scan, once he had opened me up) ~ which is good news & bad news, I guess. If the websites I have reviewed are true ... I am shocked that Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals did not warn their customers better. I just had Mirena removed yesterday (1/29/09). I am hopeful (beyond words) that my health will begin to improve. Needless to say, I will be scarred, for life. [email protected]

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  • Pa
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    hello, i am on my second iud the first had to be removed cause i was told i had cervial cancer and cycst i think that the iud caused these medical problems but my DR, said no and put a new one in after my LEEP. was done and that i was just crazy!! for thinking the iud had anything to do with my problems i sometimes think that i am preg, i feel like i am some times i have leg cramps so bad i cry for hours the pain is always on my left side i have unpaid medical billsfrom all the problems i have had and i was told that i should take the pill while i have the iud to help with the cycst i have to go back to the DR. every 3 months, and be checked to makes sure the cancer hasn't come back yet. i have lost some of my hair i am nerves all the time and i have anxity attack's all the time wondering whats wrong with me. i think the mirena should pay my medical bills.please email me at anytime to talk

  • Sa
      19th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    hello, i have mirena also, ive had the worst cramps beyond gyno just precribes me helped at first..however now its more painful then ever.. im very tolerant of pain(i have had severe migraines since i was a child)and this is the worst pain ive felt in my lifetime.i have just recieved a call from my drs office saying that my pap results came back abnormal with cell changes(a minute level 1) and that id need to have an Colposcopy on march 5th..ive never had abnormal pap results and im very young, 20 years old..ive tried every other form of birth control that doesnt work for me migraines and makes me very sick to my stomach or depressed..I was wondering if you got your FULL refund ?? and HOW you go about mother paid for it..and Id be heartbroken if its taken out and she doesnt get her money back.

  • Pa
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    hello again my email address was wrong its [email protected]

  • De
      13th of Jan, 2011
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    I had the nightmare device placed around April 2008 shortly after having my son, sick with cramps, aggitation, nausea, body aches, headache, and anxiety until Thanksgiving 2009 when I woke with fever, chills, dizziness, blurred vision and pelvic pain. Upon going to the doctor they informed me that I had a severe pelvic infection and treated me accordinly with immediate injections of antibiotics and oral meds and pain releif. NEVER TOOK THE MIRENA OUT, it was asvised for me not too. Had same symptoms as before infection after a few weeks of treatment ... up until the unexplained fever started in May 2010 had constant fever and flu like symptoms for about 6 weeks with no diagnoises from doc they told me probley a virus or a string of them, finaly put on antibiotics after a trip to ER that time but fever got higher, started with severe headaches, body aches and dizziness, had a friend help get me out of bed and drive me to the doctor on July 5 2010... Then the story begins... I was so very sick my teeth where chattering so hard i broke some off, they immediatly saw the shape i was in and ordered blood work and a complete exam, everything hurt so bad and the pain was unbearable but it was mostly hurting in my pelvic region like going into labor. They took out the IUD without haste and it was RUSTED! Anyway the doc said it must have been a defective one. Given again immediate shots of several fast acting antibiotics and sent to the ER for more tests and bloodwork, there they did CTs of my abdoman to show the severe infection that the Attending Doc said must have been there a while... More antbiotis given oral and by injection. 3 days later July 8th I was admitted to the hospital not responding to the meds the infection in my whole body got worse, and was in there a week with horrific pain, 5 different Meds in IV's, blood clots in my lungs developed while in, and severe dibilitating pain. Still fighting this thing to this day Jan 2011 I am not 100 percent, went through many tests since release...too msny pelvic exams to count, colonoscopy, bloodwork, CTs of pelvic and chest, lots of Doc appointments and ER trips when the symptoms return. I have to date been on 13 antibiotics since July and came close to loosing my life, and due to scar tissue on all reproductive organs may never be able to have children again, fighting the docs not to have a hysterectomy, I still have hot flashes, heart palpitations, headaches, deppression/anxiety and low grade fevers as my body trys to get healed from this and maybe never will be !00 percent since this devil device Mirena was inserted and taken out. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND MIRENA TO ANYONE, IT WILL KILL THEM! (Safe with no side effects or risks???? REALLY??)

  • Az
      8th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    i had a iud for 3 years i had a lot of discharge, cramps n pain n bad odor never knew why, i had infections, joint pain, headaches, dizziness and felt tired all the time i also lately started going to the bathroom a lot to pee, dr thought i was making up some of these symptoms i sometimes thought that too... so today i went to the dr n told him i need this thing removed, n guess what? it was rusted too.. after i've seen it, it scared the ### out of me, how could this thing be inside of like this, what other damage did it do to my body, i guess i'll to wait n see...

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