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Our company sent Baxter Mitchell & Assoc 1 overdue account (for $800.00) back in July 2008 and it took well over 30 - 40 phone calls to them (25 documented) and almost 1 year to "collect" our money (a little over $500.00) from this collection agency. They (speaking to either Stacey and/or Jennifer) would always say that they would find out when a payment would be mailed and call back with the information and they only called back maybe once or twice. Or they would say a payment would be mailed next week and 2 or 3 weeks or more later - still no payment.<br />
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We finally rcvd. partial pmts in Dec-08, Mar-09 and the final pmt came in mid-July of 2009.<br />
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I've NEVER heard of having to "collect" from a collection agency. Oh - and they had received the money (all $800.00) from our customer within a month of when we had sent BM&A the overdue account info. back in 2008.<br />
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I would not recommend this "collection agency" to anyone in order to collect debt.


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      Dec 22, 2009

    I am the general manager of Baxter, Mitchell and associates and I find this to be incorrect. First off we do not have an employee here by the name of jennifer and never did. Secondly the poster never stated there company name, contact info or anything for us to be able to respond to this complaint properly with is illegal slander of our company.

    Kattie johnson
    Baxter Mitchell Associates

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      Dec 28, 2009

    You would think the "general manager" of Baxter, Mitchell, and Associates would know that their name is not spelled Baxter Mitchelle (see the spelling in the avatar of the impostor's post). If I were the OP, I wouldn't take legal advice from someone who can't even get the spelling of "their" company's name right.

    In regards to the validity of the complaint, I've heard many similar complaints about the company (see the link below), so it wouldn't surprise me if this one turned out to be true too.

    /URL removed/

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  • To the anonymous poster above, please feel free to come forward and contact me directly at [protected] to discuss your complaint. I am happy to help you in any way.

    Thank you,

    Kattie Johnson
    General Manager

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      Dec 01, 2010

    To Kattie: looking back through my extensive notes - the other person's name is Kimberly; not Jennifer - my mistake. I'm surprised that you were more concerned with an employee name rather than what the problem was - the fact that BM&A couldn't provide the service they said they would. BM&A collected from my customer without a problem; but couldn't send our payment. (and I see you changed your login/avatar ID in response to InSearchOfVeritas.) Our business is now complete and we will not be contacting your agency again - I did not enjoy trying to "collect" from a collection agency.

    To Stealth Pilot: they were not waiting for payment from us for their "services". The terms of how collection agencies work, as with BM&A is they pull their percentage out of what they collect from the debtor and forward the remaining balance 45 days after they received the payment. We received our balance in 3 payments - over a period of 8 months.

    FYI to anyone in business & consumers: I now use Better Business Bureau & research potential vendors for almost everything now because of all this 1 - 2 yrs ago. BM&A still has an "F" rating.

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      Dec 01, 2010

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