Battic Door / Stay away from these unprofessional people

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On May 14th, 2009 I placed an on line order with Battic Door for replacement shutters for my attic fan. I placed a phone call before placing the order to make sure I was measuring the shutters the right way. After a brief conversation I placed my order for the shutters which arrived a few days later. Unfortunately they did not fit so I took the packing slip from the box to call Battic Door and ask how to send back the shutters and return order number. When I called I got another company by the name of 'Grainger'. They asked for my order number or account number. I gave them the account number and they found my order. They asked for basic information and in doing so they noted that the credit card use for this purchase was not my own and asked for the last 4 numbers of my credit card. They then reported that it seemed that Battic Door had placed the order on their own credit card and placed me as the recipient of the item. I then asked how much did these shutters cost. They said, $41.00 and they asked how much did they charge you. I said, $139.99, $164.99 with the $25.00 shipping charge. I called my credit card co. as soon as I realized what had taken place. They said they would investigate the matter and gave me full credit. I called Battic Doors and left several messages, I later received a call from them, they stated after my complaint that they had an overhead to charge for locating these items. This was after stating that the other co. (Grainger) was one of their own vendors. NOT TRUE. So it seems that Battic Doors in a middle man with a web site that sells items listed at other web sites or for a very large overhead. I still don't understand why they used their own credit card for the purchase, that was not my agreement. Please be advised that the 'Grainger Co.' had nothing to do with this problem, they were very helpful and gave me advise on any future on line purchases.

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