BattDepot Canadabad products - bad services - bad technical support - cheating

I have been ordering lots from this battdepot since 2012.
Each box I ordered at least one defective battery or charger. We have no choice to dump these defective items in recycling bin since we have to pay shipment cost to ship back to battdepot.
I tried to keep 4 different defective batteries and chargers in 4 different invoices to ship one time to save shipment cost. When I shipped those defective items back... They are willing to exchange with another items. When I received 4 items back... All of them 100% are defective and 100% the same what I shipped back to them since I marked them.

I have no choice so I only dump those defective items in the recycling bin..
I believe they would have done this to lots of their customers in order to make customers feel tired and giving up to ship back their defective products.

I wish goverment of canada should investigate their business and services... Also I belive god is seeing what they are doing to their customers... Especially they are cheating us. We have no choice to dump these products.. But we would like to leave this comment so that other people are aware of this battdepot business..

Nov 26, 2018

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